MARGIN CALL! John Perez and Mike Adams cover SilverGate, Silicon Valley Bank COLLAPSES





Health Ranger Report | 12 March 2023




– Details on the collapse of SVB (Silicon Valley Bank)
– Why #contagion risk is very real and may spread fear to other banks
– SVB focused on being “woke” instead of reducing risk
– Why Silicon Valley does NOT deserve a taxpayer bailout
– Huge bonuses paid to its employees right before collapse
– Is a bailout coming? How it would cause yet more #inflation and dollar devaluation
– Why the US dollar will collapse as world nations turn away from the US empire’s currency
– How it’s all intertwined with Russia, Ukraine, world war and China





MARGIN CALL FOLLOW UP & Executive Order 13959 DECODE and the SVB to China Money Flow


SilverisMoneyNEWS | 13 March 2023







Executive Order 13959



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