The Volodymyr Zelensky File – Puppet President Exposed







Volodymyr Zelensky has been President of Ukraine since May 2019. He is known throughout the world for tirelessly demanding weapons for his country in order to stand up to Russia. Only with more weapons would peace in Europe be safe!
What exactly is going on here? How could Zelensky rise from actor to president and be the darling of the Western media? Who does the self-proclaimed “servant of the people” really serve?



On the big stage as an actor
Zelensky studied law. In 1997, he founded the cabaret group “Kvartal 95”. Just a few years before his election as president, he had a role in the satirical TV series “Servant of the People” on the popular TV channel 1+1 in which Zelensky acts as a history professor who unexpectedly ascends to become Ukraine’s president and governs the country “as a fighter against corruption”. At the end of the series, Zelensky saves Ukraine from national bankruptcy and unites the country. At the end of 2016, a film bearing the same name “Servant of the People” was released and in 2017, a party with the same name was registered. Zelensky announces his candidacy for the presidential election on New Year’s Eve 2018 on the 1+1 television Channel. He said he was a “fighter against corruption”. While his image as an “anti-corruption fighter” was built up in the media, a population in crisis elected him president in 2019.


At the time, Florian Hassel, editor of the Süddeutsche Zeitung, saw Zelensky’s rise as an expression of the “sick Ukrainian system: It was only possible because Ukrainian media are dominated by oligarchs who decide who gets on their TV stations – and who doesn’t.” Why so little enthusiasm?



The aggravating past
The willy piano player: Among other things, Zelensky made a name for himself as a “wienie piano player” who – sorry – but – with his best piece – ostensibly plays the piano in public. He also danced in a vulgar show in high heels and leather. Some see this as a mockery of traditional Cossack dancing.
Pandora Papers: Starting in 2012, Zelensky was co-founder of a network of offshore companies [explanation of term: offshore companies: Moving the company’s headquarters abroad to avoid paying taxes] in Cyprus, Belize and the British Virgin Islands – including the “Maltex” company. Millions of dollars were moved and hidden from the tax authorities through these companies. Just two weeks before the first round of the presidential election, the ownership of “Maltex” suddenly changed. The shares previously held by Zelensky and his wife Olena were transferred free of charge to the entrepreneur Serhij Schefir, a close partner of Zelensky. This transaction is interpreted as an attempt by Zelensky to conceal illegal assets before the presidential election.



The Phenomenal transformation in the Media
As recently as May 2020, the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) wrote about Zelensky that he was a disappointment: “War and corruption continue to dominate the situation in the country. After one year in office, it seems clear: Head of state Zelensky cannot keep his promises.”


In February 2021 they write: “President Zelensky […] is dramatically losing approval in the country. […] Rarely has a president fallen so quickly and so steeply in the opinion of his constituents as Volodimir Zelensky in Ukraine.”


His popularity sank even further until in 2022, a strange change suddenly took place in the media: Zelensky goes from being an incompetent corrupt clown to a hero. Suddenly, the actor is on the world’s biggest stages, giving speeches before parliaments, the WEF, major film award ceremonies, and so on. TIME MAGAZINE even named him “Person of the Year 2022”.



The great benefactor
How is it that all doors suddenly opened up for Zelensky? Zelensky was significantly promoted by a criminal oligarch: billionaire Ihor Kolomoysky, who ranked third on the list of the 100 most influential Ukrainians in 2019. Among other things, he is the main owner of the television group 1+1, which made Zelensky popular, as well as Ukraine’s PrivatBank. The latter was nationalized in 2016 to save the bank and the Ukrainian financial system from collapsing. To date, $4.5 billion disappeared from their balance sheet into Kolomoiski’s pockets. Kolomoysky also built up the so-called Privat Group, which usurped large parts of the steel, oil, chemical, energy and food industries in Ukraine. Furthermore, in 2014, the year of escalation with the Maidan revolution, he financed the creation of several combat units, including the notorious Azov regiment. In 2020, the “International Center for the Study of Corruption and Organized Crime” named him one of the four most corrupt public officials of the year. Kolomoysky has a “history of corporate raids, fraud, embezzlement and political intrigue” and represents “many ideological and corrupt billionaires […] who have undermined democracy for personal gain.”
A journalist asked Zelensky whether Ukraine would be ruled by Kolomoysky if Zelensky became president – since he was only a chess pawn placed by him. Zelensky answers: “I am an absolutely independent person. I don’t want to offend anyone, but the one who will control me has not been born yet.” How great is his independence in reality? We will find out later about this, based on his first official acts as president: “Servant of the people” or servant of the super-rich?



The “solution hero”
As the newly appointed president, Zelensky gets right down to business, he knows what he wants! Or should want?
1. uniformity of the media: In February 2022, the Ukrainian president Zelensky forbids all free media by decree. In April 2022, paradoxically, he receives the “Freedom of the Media Award” in Germany!
2. banning most opposition parties:
In March 2022, Zelensky bans the largest opposition parliamentary party and a dozen other political parties.
3. dissolving courts: In December 2022, Selensky simply dissolves the Kyiv District Court because he did not like its rulings. Zelensky called this liquidation an “understandable signal” to all judges.
4. threat to religious freedom:
The Ukrainian government attempts to force the country’s religious communities into line, currently the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Justification: The church would ally itself to the Russian Patriarchy, which supposedly propagates war propaganda. The Ukrainian Church has distanced itself from war propaganda. It hopes for a negotiated solution between the opposing parties and for an understanding and unity between the Christians of Russia and Ukraine. Is this undesirable to the government?
5. curtailment of oligarchs
The image of the anti-corruption hero led Zelensky to become president. Publicly, he remains true to this image. With the help of parliament, he passed a lobby law that somewhat curtailed the influence of the oligarchs. For example, oligarchs are now officially prohibited to finance political parties in Ukraine. Further, Selensky established a National Security Council that may impose sanctions against oligarchs. So far, it has been selectively applied to one pro-Russian oligarch and media prince, Viktor Medvedchuk. He was placed under house arrest and his channels were banned. According to Zelensky, this “deprived Medvedchuk of the opportunity to use the media and state property to openly strike at the country and cause ruinous damage to the security of the state.”
Does that apply to everyone? What if the billionaires happen to be “friends from the U.S.”? Let’s take a closer look at this:



The door opener for the richest of the rich
Since Dec. 28, 2022, there is an agreement between President Zelensky and Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock. This world’s largest investment company currently manages assets of over ten trillion US dollars and is a strategic partner of the WEF. Along with Klaus Schwab, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink is also one of the heads of the World Economic Forum. They agreed to focus, quote, “in the near future on coordinating the efforts of all potential investors and participants in Ukraine’s reconstruction, channelling investment into the most relevant and impactful sectors.”


Zelensky’s official website states that the BlackRock team has been working for several months “on a project to advise the Ukrainian government on structuring the country’s reconstruction funds.” Zelensky thanked Larry Fink for the work of the “professional team”. What kind of professional “help” of the super-rich and in which areas?


Firstly, Zelensky is privatizing state-owned enterprises on a grand scale. Out of approximately 3,700 state-owned enterprises, only a few hundred remain.
Secondly: The agricultural sector has been and is being divided among foreign companies. 10 companies control about 71% of the agricultural sector, including multinational corporations such as Cargill, DuPont and Monsanto. These bought up about 17 million hectares of land, as much as Italy’s entire agricultural land.
Thirdly, as in return for the weapons deliveries, US corporations are allowed to buy Ukrainian companies and assets.
Is this all about money, as usual? Far from it. Money always serves a purpose. The question is: What purpose exactly?



Zelensky – WEF Player
Zelensky is perceived by many people as a president who has brought great progress and prosperity over the country. And in fact, tens of billions from the very big global players have already flowed into the country. But wait: what was sold and which areas exactly is the money invested? Let’s listen to Zelensky himself:
Here are some quotes from his speech to the nation on December 28, 2022:
“Ukraine and the Ukrainian military-industrial complex was and will be one of the most powerful in Europe and the world, I am sure of that.” or this one:
“The entire territory of our state needs reconstruction of those infrastructure, energy, social sphere and other objects that do not meet modern security requirements.”


For the time being, an estimated $500 billion are flowing for reconstruction alone. Now already? In the midst of the war? For the entire territory? So far, there is war in only some areas. Who is so concerned about urgent reconstruction here? The money comes from the notorious world leader Soros, from EU funds and from BlackRock.


Zelensky continued: “And I thank all the countries and companies, international organizations and people who supply us with equipment and provide financial support to provide the people of Ukraine with light, heat and communication! I thank you! One example: We will increase the number of Starlink terminals in Ukraine, which clearly prove the superiority of civilization over terror and barbarism, to more than thirty thousand in the near future.”


Starlink is a satellite network operated by the U.S. space company SpaceX that allows unprecedented levels of continuous surveillance. Question: What does StarLink have to do with light, heat and human communication? Zelensky’s formulations are very reminiscent of the WEF’s planned Great Reset – the merger of the world’s richest and most powerful.


Some affirmed main goals of the WEF are:
1. The introduction of a Digital Identity for every human being worldwide
2. A global digital currency worldwide
3. An unconditional Universal Basic Income worldwide.

Zelensky puts it bluntly: “We are already – and will continue to be – leaders in the digital transformation of our state and society.”

In very practical terms, this is how it happens:


1. Digital identity
Selensky deputy Mikhailo Fedorov is Minister of Digital Transformation and WEF member. He wants to make Ukraine a pioneer in Digital Identity. Fedorov announced at the WEF panel discussion in April 2021: the goal is to “enable all life situations with Digital Identity.” Fedorov continued, “The pandemic has accelerated our progress.”
Thus, the digital system Diia was created, an app and platform that combine identity cards, passports, vaccination certificates, registrations, insurances, licenses, social benefits, and so on. The bank card is to follow. According to the French site “iphonesoft”, “Diia” is a model previously known only from China with the well-known social credit. This system offers the possibility to shut down all people who do not submit to the respective rulers at the push of a button.

2. Digital currency
In March 2022, the Ministry of Digital Transformation legalized the exchange of foreign and Ukrainian cryptocurrencies. This is a clear step towards the abolition of cash. This can make citizens controllable and dependent.
[Definition: cryptocurrency is a digital currency].


Universal basic income
On December 19, 2021, Ukraine launched a system called “ePidtrymka”, or e-support, via the Diia app. Those who were vaccinated against Covid received vouchers for restaurants, books, concerts, transportation and the like. Gradual extensions for other groups of people followed. At the beginning of March 2022, contributions were paid through the e-support system for every employee and also entrepreneurs in the areas most affected by the war, – without any vaccination requirements.
The economic advisor to the Ukrainian President, Oleg Ustenko, stated on April 2, 2022, that the Ukrainian government is considering the possibility of an unconditional basic income for the population. That is, every citizen receives regular amounts from the state – without the need to work for the money received.


To quote Ustenko:
“The possibility of introducing the so-called unconditional income for the population has been considered for a long time – it was discussed before the war, but did not find support. Now it should and will work.” Will it be truly unconditional then, or only granted for good behavior?


German Executive Director of the UN Development Program Achim Steiner is blowing the same horn: “If the conflict drags on, poverty rates will rise significantly.”


Steiner told Reuters:
“Cash transfer programs are an important way to reach people quickly – providing them with cash transfers or with a temporary basic income, especially in a country like Ukraine where the financial system and financial structures are still functioning and where ATMs are available.”


Interim conclusion: we see that among humane-sounding goals, the most powerful organizations such as BlackRock, WEF and multinational corporations are using the crises to implement the WEF’s agenda. Ukraine is virtually being transformed into the WEF’s “model country”. WEF CEO Klaus Schwab’s stated goal to everyone is ultimately, “You will own nothing and be happy”. Zelensky actively pushes this agenda – and literally walks over dead bodies.



Zelensky sacrifices Ukrainians as cannon fodder for US interests
Meanwhile, the long-lasting war claimed countless victims among the population. Many fathers and sons died on the battlefield. They are ready to give their lives in defense of their homeland. Few realize that, as so often in history, they are being sacrificed to the power interests of the super-rich. Adam Schiff, descendant of an old banking family, for example, was already addressing the U.S. Congress on January 20th, 2020. Adam Schiff is the head of the powerful “Intelligence Committee” that determines US policy.
Quote Schiff: “The United States aids Ukraine and her people so that we can fight Russia over there and we don’t have to fight Russia here”. In other words: The Ukrainians are to serve as cannon fodder! Reason: In the U.S., foreign military operations are increasingly difficult to communicate to the population. Moreover, the U.S. does not have the resources to wage war around the world. So they prefer to provide arms to other countries to do this bloody job for them. Zelensky once again proves to be a “servant of the U.S. administration”. He actively supports the massive armament of Ukraine and rejected negotiations with Putin by decree.


Conclusion: Zelensky proves to be an active player in the WEF, selling his country to US corporations and sacrificing his own countrymen to US great power interests. The ongoing war with Russia seems ideal for transforming the country according to the ideas of the World Economic Forum.



Financial expert Ernst Wolff puts it in a nutshell:
“If you look at the current situation quite seriously, you have to conclude that all the things that wars bring about are in high demand at the moment. What would be more obvious for the powerful in this situation than to go at war and either – as has already happened in Ukraine – ignite the existing trouble spots or – as in front of Taiwan or in the Middle East – let them simmer constantly in order to set them on fire if necessary? If World War I and World War II have taught us anything, it is the following: It is not the politicians who are decisive. In our days, there is no use to look at Scholz, Macron, Biden, Putin or Xi Jinping. Their function is to distract us all, to mislead us and to prepare the way to the agenda of another force. If we want to know what we are threatened by, we have to look at this other force in the background and realize that all the preconditions for a 3rd world war are currently fulfilled. Politics are already showing in Ukraine that once again it is not embarrassed to submit to the agenda in the background and to send people to their death. […]The digital-financial complex is sticking at all costs to its uncompromising strategy for only one reason, that’s because there is no other way for them to maintain their power. But this means nothing else but an opening for all of us to a historical window of opportunity in which clarification can strike fertile ground, open the eyes of many, and which could possibly lead to a historical turning point.”


Dear viewers! Enlightenment is currently more important than ever. Help open people’s eyes about the true role of actors like Zelensky. It’s time for a happy ending.





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