Hidden History of Zionism

      Robert Sepehr | 20 January 2024       The term “Zionism” is derived from the word Zion, a hill in Jerusalem, widely symbolizing the Land of Israel. It is both a religious and nationalist movement, but what are its esoteric origins, political expectations, and hidden history?   Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6BYRVOxc4Y     Support Robert Sepehr https://www.buymeacoffee.com/robertsepehr         Zionism Versus Bolshevism By Winston S. Churchill https://proyectoveritas.net/winston-churchill-zionism-verses-bolshevism-1920/

Marching to Zion – Full Documentary

      Are the Jews God’s chosen people?       For over 1800 years, the Jews were scattered throughout all nations without a homeland. Then in 1948, the impossible happened. The State of Israel was founded, and the Jews once again possessed the promised land. Many Christians have proclaimed this to be a miracle and a blessing from God, but was this really the blessing of the Lord, or were darker forces at work? This film has theRead More

The Secret History – Underground Dungeons, Murder, Demonic Visions and the Death of the Roman Empire

      Asha Logos | 22 August 2021       Perhaps the most explosive insider historical account of significance ever written, Procopius’ “The Secret History” claims to voice the untold story of the latter stages of Eastern Rome and it’s swift degeneration, specifically under Justinian and Theodora.   This respected scholar and historian was no enemy of the Emperor and Empress – at least at the outset – and in fact was chosen by them to be theRead More

How International Zionists Destroy White Western Christ Nations

      Jeff Rense                 Jews expelled 1030 times         The Complete List of the 1030 Jewish Expulsions in Human History    

Massive Ancient Library Discovered In Tibet

      Robert Sepehr | 4 January 2024       Thought to have remained untouched for centuries, a huge library containing thousands of esoteric scrolls was found sealed up in a wall at a monastery in Tibet. The ancient manuscripts consist of Buddhist scriptures, as well as literature, history, astronomy, mathematics, philosophy and sacred tantric teachings that have been passed down orally to initiates and adepts since remote antiquity.     Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7g-unLgA6V0            Read More

Skeletons in the Cupboard series – Redheads

      2 December 2019       Who were the Urukehu – the redheads of New Zealand. Where did they come from and what evidence is there of them today?     Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rf_inGOubEg

Conspiracy? Our Subverted History

      by Asha Logos   Part 1 – Setting the Stage (18 Feb 2019)     I’m going to make this a series, as its impossible to fit even the broad strokes into a single video, and its all but impossible to do this topic the justice it deserves. This will be an overview, and future videos will zoom in a bit on specific peoples and time periods (I’m working on a Scythians video as I write this),Read More

The Truth of Trump – Stupid, Evil? THE Antichrist?

      Dustin Nemos | 26 December 2023       It’s time we had the conversation. Is Trump the Son of Perdition? The Antichrist of the Apocalypse?   Source: https://theserapeum.com/the-truth-of-trump-stupid-or-evil/

Dean Henderson – How They Are Destroying America & What Will We Do?

      Tremregi | 18 December 2023       Dean Henderson joins me for another history lesson and discussion about how the royal bloodlines, today’s filthy rich robber barons and tycoons, are destroying America – according to plan! So many brilliant nuggets. The big question is, what will we, the people, do? Elections are not the answer. Peaceful, non-violent protests? Civil War?   I keep coming back to this question posed by Dr. Helen Caldicott, “Are we areRead More

‘Light Unshackled’

      Feature Length Documentary, History of the Protestant Reformation – 70 AD through 1620’s       Light Unshackled is a feature-length, on-location documentary on the Protestant Reformation. It contains stunning footage and powerful stories of the heroes of the Protestant Reformation who shaped the course of history forever. Join presenter Phil Mills, Jr., as we travel through 11 countries to share these inspiring stories. 0:00 – Episode 1: Descent into Darkness 28:14 – Episode 2, Lighting aRead More

Stalin researched the Rothschilds and Venetian Aristocracy

      Sanchuniathon | 28 May 2014       Andrei Fursov – Russian historian, sociologist, writer.   The Rothschild family has a been a power in world finance since the 1700s, emerging from Frankfurt and establishing additional banks in London, Paris, Vienna, and Naples.   The family operates according to the Venetian method, not being tied to any particular nation, but to an imperial oligarchy which sees itself above the level of mere nations, viewing them as coloniesRead More

Winston Churchill: Zionism Verses Bolshevism (1920)

      Zionism versus Bolshevism: A Strugglefor the Soul of the Jewish People       Source: http://www.racerealist.com/ish.htm         Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, whom according to Greg Hallet, is the illegitimate child of Edward VII,[1] was an ardent Zionist with the role of berating Bolshevism to form the fantasy of division within the Jewish Messianic cult so they could offer up their speciality of opposing sides they control allowing a theology for the Bolshevik, Karl Marx andRead More

The Trump Bloodline

      Robert Sepehr | 24 November 2023       While it is well known that Trump comes from a family of German and Scottish descent, very few know the true history of Europe and how it was peopled during the Holocene. Steeped in myth and folklore, the legendary past of Scythian and Germanic tribes that comprise what is now Scandinavia and other parts of the continent are being revealed thanks to advances in the field of geneticsRead More

Trump, King Cyrus, The Third Temple And The Mass Movement Of People

        The Bridge   American President Donald Trump has been placed on an Israeli coin, a half shekel (shakel), he is portrayed as today’s version of the Babylonian King Cyrus 600-530BC, the king that ordered the building of the second temple which as a fraud, was demolished by the Jews after being derided by Jesus.   It was the Scythian (Hebrew) Queen Tomyris who would eventually chop off the head off the Persian King Cyrus which showsRead More

Occult Bloodlines of Canaan

      Robert Sepehr | 4 November 2023       Canaan was a civilization and region of the Southern Levant in the Ancient Near East during the late 2nd millennium BC which today encompasses Israel, Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza, Jordan, and the southern portions of Syria and Lebanon. Canaan according to the Book of Genesis in the Bible, was a grandson of Noah, as well as the father of the Canaanites.     Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGvHKg0vKVsRead More

Magicians of the Temple

      Robert Sepehr | 10 August 2023       The Knights Templar were a religious military order that were established during the time of the Crusades and said to have attained esoteric alchemical knowledge during their time in Jerusalem. What were their true origins and relationship to the Temple in the Holy land which their name was derived from? What were their occult beliefs and what was their impact on secret societies that allegedly succeeded them?  Read More

Octagon Group

  The Swiss Mafia           Spiritual Origins & Jesuits           Source credit: Dylan Louis Monroe’s Deep State Mapping Project https://deepstatemappingproject.com/   New Templers https://rumble.com/c/c-351215       Octogon Empire of Darkness – Sean Hross
 https://youtu.be/6n3UTxnVfdk   The Pharaoh Show – Sean Hross https://youtu.be/WXaXnAvEpB8