Stalin researched the Rothschilds and Venetian Aristocracy




Sanchuniathon | 28 May 2014




Andrei Fursov – Russian historian, sociologist, writer.


The Rothschild family has a been a power in world finance since the 1700s, emerging from Frankfurt and establishing additional banks in London, Paris, Vienna, and Naples.


The family operates according to the Venetian method, not being tied to any particular nation, but to an imperial oligarchy which sees itself above the level of mere nations, viewing them as colonies with no real sovereignty. The empire exists by playing nations against each other, drawing them deep into debt, and taking control over their issuance of money through the mechanism of so-called “independent” central banks. The family was picked up in the early years by a network of Venetian operatives in Germany, including the powerful Thurn und Taxis family of the Venetian intelligence service. This was the source of the Rothschilds’ notorious intelligence and courier network, which allowed them to trade on inside information, in a way that made them filthy rich and gave them the power to defeat their rivals. Behind the Rothschilds, stands Venice. That is crucial to understanding not only their history, but their current operations.


The Rothschilds specialize in dirty money operations for this Anglo-Venetian empire, and the Inter-Alpha Group reflects that role. The banks in the group represent the family funds (or fondi) of some of the most powerful families in Europe, and provide a mechanism for those funds to be deployed, hidden from public view. These old families, located in enclaves across Europe, wield enormous power, but do so discreetly, to keep their power and influence hidden from the general public. As with certain insects, darkness is essential to their survival. The founding banks themselves were hardly household names, even in 1971: Williams & Glyn’s Bank of England; BHF-Bank of Germany; Banco Ambrosiano of Italy; Crédit Commercial de France of France; Kredietbank of Luxembourg; and Nederlandsche Middenstands Bank of the Netherlands. Williams & Glyn’s was a subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Scotland, bankers to the opium-running British East India Company, the Venetian- controlled company which became the British Empire (as did Rothschild). These banks all serve as “private bankers,” specializing in managing the fondi of the imperial elite.


The Inter-Alpha Group is a conduit for these oligarchic families, and their wealth and power. It represents a predatory system which exists by keeping mankind as peasants, to be looted as required, and cast aside when they are no longer useful. It is the face of the enemy.








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