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Tucker Carlson breaks down the Project Veritas Pfizer videos

        – Pfizer is conducting gain of function research creating enhanced pathogens a.k.a BIOWEAPONS – Lying to the public and using wordplay to circumvent the law with “directed evolution” – Massive conflict of interest, pharma industry creating “cash cow” by creating viruses – Pfizer exec admits C19 came from a lab                 Watch the original Project Veritas videos here

Nuremberg (2000)


SITREP >> Clif High

  5 January 2023 Tempoflavinoids     The Flavor of these Times will drive you forward….       17 December 2022 Vox Populi     Legislator BE ADVISED Discussion on strategy & tactics.       17 December 2022 YOU are delusional’s true….no feet in reality at all       12 December 2022 Oumuamua caused Covid           3 December 2022 Huckleberries of the Living Dead           28 NovemberRead More

SITREP >> Juan O Savin

      23 December 2022 Juan O Savin & Loy Brunson w/ Nino > Jan 6th SCOTUS Case Conference Almost Here     Brunson v. Alma S. Adams; et al. > Updates Here As Events Occur       30 November 2022 Nino Rodriguez w/ Juan O Savin – The SCOTUS KILL SHOT?           27 November 2022 Miracles Happening     * Supreme Court Requested This Filing Be Expedited * This Case Could OpenRead More

Mel K & Attorney Tom Renz | Unity, Focus and Resolve in 2023

    The Mel K Show | 19 December 2022       Source:

Tucker Carlson: Break Down of the Biggest ‘Crisis’ in America


Tucker Carlson

    On release of Twiter censorship data 7 December 2022  

Raland J Brunson Federal Lawsuit

  27 November 2022 Lon Brunson, Juan O Savin, and “Ghost” discuss the potential outcome of the Brunson Federal Lawsuit, hosted by David Nino Rodriguez.     * The defendants include 385 members of the U.S. House and Senate plus Biden, Harris, Pelosi and Pense. * Will the House try to pass a bill before January that would limit SCOTUS’s term of office to 18 months? * What ramifications would a positive ruling from SCOTUS have on federal Continuity ofRead More

Patriot Streefighter Thanksgiving w/ SGAnon

    The Truth About Everything, BOMBS AWAY!   Patriot Streetfighter | 23 November 2022       Source:

Trump Mar-a-Lago Speech Full Transcript and Analysis

          Full transcript of the speech           Derek Johnson analyses Trump speech  

Kash Patel: Let’s prosecute CORRUPTION and RESTORE America!

  Kash Patel interviewed by Mike Adams   Health Ranger Report | 25 November 2022           Source:

General Flynn – The State Of Our Republic

    Jovan Hutton Pulitzer interviews General Flynn 21 November 2022         Source:–nov-21-2022-gen-flynn-sitrep-the-state-of-our-republic-the-people-must-get.html      

Unrestricted Truths w/ SGAnon: Military is the Only Way

  AMP | 21 November 2022       Souce:

US Marine Corps Apprehending Traitors | USNG Deployed | Trump Speech Misdirection

    SGAnon | 17 November 2022       Source:  

Hunter Biden probe launched by GOP: Joe Biden ‘lied’ to Americans

  17 November 2022         Source:

Matthew Lalor – An Artist’s Duty In Hard Times

  Matthew Lalor is an Irish Russophile, singer/songwriter, interviewed here by Regis Tremblay   Tremregi | 12 November 2022         Matthew Lalor came to me at just the right time when things seemed dark and worrisome about the conflict in Ukraine, the attempt to dehumanize and depopulate us, and all of the dangerous things happening in our world. His music is soothing and inspirational and his story is interesting. He grew up in rural Ireland with aRead More

Trump announces candidacy for President of the United States

    Mar-a-Lago | 15 November 2022         Source:

Kash Patel-Red Wave Worked,The Only Way Shutdown The [DS],Put It On Full Blast For The World To See

    X22 Report | 11 November 2022     Kash Patel served as the former Chief of Staff to Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller and is responsible for leading the Secretary’s mission at the Department, including his executive staff and providing counsel to the Secretary on all matters concerning the Department’s operations. Kash oversaw the execution of several of President Donald J. Trump’s top priorities.Kash begins the conversation explaining that the red wave worked, we are got theRead More

Donald J. Trump Rally in Vandalia, OH – 7 November 2022

        Source:           Trump: “I am going to be making a very big announcement on Tuesday, November 15th at Mar a Lago—in Palm Beach, Florida!”                                          

Donald J. Trump Rally in Miami, FL – 6 November 2022


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