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      The HighWire | 10 May 2024       Sen. Ron Johnson discusses the official letter signed by all 49 members of the Senate GOP, demanding President Biden reject the WHO’s Pandemic Agreement, which could surrender US sovereignty and why all Americans should be concerned about this dangerous treaty.     Source:

Escaping Calypso’s Island Ep.03: Energy Wars

    Rising Tide Foundation | 2 May 2024       Source:       Escaping Calypso’s Island: A Journey out of our Green Delusion   Escaping Calypso’s Island Ep.02: Trapped in the Cave (The Curse of Game Theory)  


    The 4th Psychological Operations Group –   2 May 2024  

Doc Malik interviews Andrew Bridgen MP

          About this conversation: This was going to be a paywall episode for my paid subscribers but I think it is too important a conversation and should be heard by all. Please support me if you can.   Andrew Bridgen is someone almost everyone knows about. A crazy anti-vax conspiracy theorist to some while to others he is a hero. I’ll be honest I’ve been sitting on the fence when it comes to Andrew. Sure heRead More

Dr. Louis Fouché: How YOU can beat Pharma and Corporate Totalitarianism

    Ivor Cummins | 29 April 2024       Source:       Dr. Louis Fouché website

No Oaths of Office in the Federal Government

      Reese Report | 10 April 2024       Source:       Greg Reese substack

SITREP >> Clif High

    Clif High on Substack   Clif High on X-Twitter   Clif High on BitChute       6 April 2024 Your Map of Contention           23 January 2024 AI & Bullshit     bullshit & fear porn around AI       15 October 2023 BLIND HORUS EYE     it’s in YOUR brain….right now…. don’t worry, it’s blind….but maybe not for long…..       2 October 2023 WOO GLOBULESRead More

Todd Callender: Insurance Actuarial Data Lays Out The VACCINE Case and Global Tribunals

      Flyover Conservatives | 31 March 2024       Source:


      SGT Report | 1 March 2024       Revelation 6:16 “Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb!” My friend Nathan Reynolds returns to SGT Report to discuss this and much more.     Source:           MODERNA TOO: Boosters Show Signs of Self-Assembling Nanotechnology   Beyond the realm of coincidence, negligence or greed…     Source:

Notice on the Continuation of the National Emergency With Respect to Serious Human Rights Abuse and Corruption

    18 December 2023         Source:

A LINE IN THE TEXAS SAND — Attorney Todd Callender

      SGT Report | 27 January 2024       Treacherous lecher Joe Biden and the US Supreme Court just jumped the shark regarding the Texas border, and now Governor Greg Abbott and as many as 24 red states have drawn a line in the Texas sand by agreeing to support Texas’ right to defend its own border. Attorney Todd Callender helps me break down the Constitutional crisis and the resulting good news.   Source:      Read More

It’s time for America to RALLY behind Trump (or lose our republic forever)

    Health Ranger Report | 18 January 2024       Source:

A Call for New Culture Creators

      Asha Logos | 19 June 2021       The most effective means of subverting a nation and controlling it’s people isn’t via political machinations, or even control of the money supply – it’s in the erasing and supplanting of a cultural foundation, and it’s wholesale replacement with something new.   It couldn’t be more obvious that precisely this is happening all around us, as we speak. The incredibly impressive framework cultivated and passed down through countlessRead More

Michael Tellinger introduces the ONE SMALL TOWN initiative

    Imagine a beautiful world filled with harmony, joy, peace and abundance. The kind of world we have all dreamed of. We are creating this world for ourselves, for our families and our communities. Not at some stage in the distant future, but now, in our own lifetime.   If you are tired of working like a slave just to make ends meet; If you believe there is a better way for us to live and thrive; If youRead More

A Call for Parallel Institutions

      Asha Logos | 5 December 2021       At the risk of stating the obvious – The situation we face couldn’t be much more serious.. hospitals beginning to refuse life saving organ transplants and certain types of medical care to the unjabbed, forcible quarantines and lockdowns, tens of thousands losing their jobs and livelihoods coupled with runaway inflation, supply chain failures that are likely to get far worse in coming months.. this insanity isn’t just destroying lives,Read More

SITREP >> QNewsPatriots

      Pope Death Coming 2024 | Plandemic 2.0 Attempt: France | US Mil Army/Navy “Q” Comms 24 December 2023           USMC EOD in Iceland: Underground War | Netanyahu in Submission | Sky Event: Supernova 28 November 2023           Trump Card Identified | Washington DC Attack Coming | NATO Suicide | House Speaker Mike Johnson 8 November 2023           “State of Israel” Dissolution | Trump 2024 TrialsRead More

Dean Henderson – How They Are Destroying America & What Will We Do?

      Tremregi | 18 December 2023       Dean Henderson joins me for another history lesson and discussion about how the royal bloodlines, today’s filthy rich robber barons and tycoons, are destroying America – according to plan! So many brilliant nuggets. The big question is, what will we, the people, do? Elections are not the answer. Peaceful, non-violent protests? Civil War?   I keep coming back to this question posed by Dr. Helen Caldicott, “Are we areRead More

A Last Message to the West?

      Asha Logos | 19 October 2019       (A few good people sponsored a Nationalist content creator competition, and I wanted to support the excellent idea – this is my contribution)   Our desire to help those in need is a positive thing. The question then becomes how to best go about it, and whether the future of our own children deserves the same thoughtful consideration.   The blame for what’s happening across the West doesn’tRead More

A Call to Return to the Land

      Asha Logos | 12 April 2023       This video covers an immense amount of ground.. perhaps too much. It’s sole purpose (for the moment) is to foster fruitful discussion down these paths, and hopefully help spur some new types of thinking – I don’t think we have a great deal of time left.   I’m under no illusions that my own words here will immediately kickstart all these grand goals.. nor are they yet concreteRead More

Blaž Kavčič – Predatory Globalism – 4 Deadly Dogmas, The Globalist Agenda

      Tremregi | 12 December 2023       Blaž Kavčič, an economist, businessman, politician joins me in the first of several episodes discussing his new book, How We Will Thrive and Survive: Leaving Predatory Globalism for Sovereign Humanism – Breaking the Spell of Four Deadly Dogmas of Globalism.   We discussed chapter one, The Corona Awakening: what kind of system do we live in; How are we doing;” Global megatrends; are we living in a “Democracy”?; whatRead More

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