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The Game Is Over When The Public Knows, Keystone, Seditious Conspiracy, Treason

  X22 Report | 20 June 2022  

The Economic Transition Has Begun, Another Piece On The Chess Board Moves Into Place

  X22 Report | 17 June 2022   The people see the truth, they are awake and 91% are concerned about inflation and they know it has nothing do with Ukraine, Covid etc.. They know [JB]/Puppet masters and the [CB] are responsible. The battle has begun, the Fed pushes the same playbook that we had back in 1971 with Nixon.  

The Truth About January 6th Documentary

  J6TRUTH | 7 June 2022   “We are currently in an information war with the mainstream media. In order for the truth to come to light, we the people must be the voice for all J6ers who are being silenced and slandered. We want to appeal to Big conservative media hosts and journalists to report and help bring awareness to this cause.”       Support:  


  SGT Report | 5 June 2022  

We The People


Memorial Day – God Bless the Fallen – Donald Trump

  30 May 2022  

Donald J. Trump Rally in Casper, WY – 28 May 2022

          WY Congressional Candidate Harriet Hageman Speaks at President Trump’s Rally in Casper, WY         Source: Right Side Broadcast Network

President Trump Speaks at 2022 NRA Convention in Houston, TX

  Right Side Broadcasting Network | 27 May 2022   President Trump: “If the United States has $40 billion dollars to send to Ukraine, we should be able to do whatever it takes to keep our children safe at home… Before we nation-build the rest of the world, we should be building safe schools for our own children, in our own nation.”  

Archbishop Vigano on Nation States Handing Over Sovereignty to the WHO

  21 May 2022   Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano provides a memo warning of the dangers of handing over individual nation-state sovereignty to the WHO.  This is an act of treason by these nation-states.     “In the coming days, the Nations that adhere to the World Health Organization will vote on resolutions regarding the WHO’s management of pandemics. These resolutions will transfer sovereignty regarding the health of citizens to a supranational body that is largely financed by the pharmaceuticalRead More

Global COVID Summit – Declaration IV – Restore Scientific Integrity

  The Global Covid Summit, comprising over 17,000 physicians and scientists, held a press conference on 11 May 2022 highlighting the Summit’s declaration to “Restore Scientific Integrity”. Speakers included Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Ryan Cole, Harvey Risch, MD, PhD, Dr. Lynn Fynn, Dr. Mary Talley Bowden, Dr. Richard Urso and more.         Dr       Watch a doctors roundtable with Dr Malone, Dr Cole and Dr Urso, chaired by Del Bigtree here  Read More

A 2nd DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, by the 50 united states of America

            Text: The 2nd Declaration of Independence Signed July 4, 2020   Source:       Reading   Source:


  14 May 2022 Former President Donald Trump Remarks In Austin, TX  

“Propaganda Exposed”



  Last updated 4 May 2022   If the 2020 US presidential election was rigged against Donald Trump, is it possible the military was prepared well in advance of this election to monitor for fraud? Is there any evidence to indicate that white hats in the American government knew Biden would steal the election and caught him, triggering a continuity of government plan to save the republic? Based on the research of Patel Patriot, DEVOLVED is a series investigating theRead More

Executive Order #10 – Demolish the Satanic Georgia Guidestones

  2 May 2022   Two weeks ago, Kandiss Taylor released 9 Executive Orders that she would sign into law as Governor of Georgia. Since then she has released her Executive Order #10 which promises to demolish the Georgia Guidestones.   Her website states: “For decades, the Global Luciferian Regime has seeped its way into our Government. They demoralized us with humiliation rituals as they tore down our historical monuments, persecuted our children, locked us down in our homes, andRead More

Clay Clark – Elon Musk Exposed

  Thrivetime Show | 28 April 2022         And We Know | 29 April 2022     Disclaimer: This is an extract from the video that has since been taken down from the AWK channel for reasons unknown to us.    

Donald J. Trump Rally in Greenwood, NE – 1 May 2022

      President Trump: “Their whole party is based on misinformation. Everything from Russia Russia Russia – that hoax – to the laptop from hell, to the impeachment hoax #1, impeachment hoax #2, the Mueller bullshit… They are the party of misinformation.”   Joe Biden clip at 25:12    

‘Devolution’ series by Patel Patriot

  Last updated 25 Aptil 2022   Patel Patriot has published a series of articles on Devolution in which he explains how a shadow government was formed around Trump following the 2020 Presidential election steal, with the aim to defeat the Washington DC ran by the globalist cabal and win back America for its people.   Part 1 – How Did We Get Here?  ​07/02/21 [article] [reading] [links]   Part 2 – The Defense Intelligence Agency and the Defector​ 07/07/21 [article] [reading] [links]Read More

Jason Shurka warns about Operation Blue Beam

  ‘Ray‘ – a member of The Light System (TLS) – talks to Jason Shurka about the Operation Blue Beam or the Phoenix Light Project. According to ‘Ray’, tens of thousands of people witnessed a hologram generated mile-long craft in the sky. What if they see a thousands of smaller aircrafts all over the world, all projected by hologram? Then attacks will follow with real planes or missiles resulting in mass casualties. This could lead to a worldwide emergency andRead More

The Subversion of Democracy Under the Guise of Health

  17 April 2022     “The plan is to grant the WHO, in the event of a pandemic, far-reaching executive powers. The treaty changes aim at granting the WHO de facto governing power over member states in the event of a pandemic, without involvement or consultation of national governments or national parliaments… A democratically non-legitimized committee, but one which the richest of the super-rich buy their way in through donations, not only decides that there is a pandemic butRead More

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