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Trump Speaks at Faith and Freedom Coalition: Road to Majority Conference

    RSBN | 24 June 2023       Source:

Statements by President Trump

    AGENDA 47 – Protecting Americans by Taking on Big Pharma and Ending Global Freeloading 22 March 2023         AGENDA 47 – Cementing Fair and Reciprocal Trade with the Trump Reciprocal Trade Act 22 March 2023         AGENDA 47 – Using Impoundment to Cut Waste, Stop Inflation, and Crush the Deep State 21 June 2023         AGENDA 47 – Preventing World War III 17 March 2023   President Donald J.Read More

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – Peace & Diplomacy Speech

  “Is it any wonder that as America has waged violence throughout the world, violence has overtaken us in our own nation?” “Waging endless wars abroad, we have neglected the foundation of our own well-being.”   — Robert F. Kennedy Jr.     New Hampshire | 20 June 2023       “Marking the anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s Peace Speech at American University, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. announces a fundamentally new direction for American foreign policy. With hisRead More

Todd Callender & Dr. Lee Vliet – THE LUCIFERIAN END GAME IS AT HAND

    SGT Report | 19 June 2023       As US military troops openly move on the streets of US cities over the weekend, the end game is at hand, and the ones running the game are hardcore Luciferians. Attorney Todd Callender and Dr. Lee Vliet join me to discuss the latest.     Source:

Devin Nunes – Plumbers Have Infiltrated The Country, Investigators Need To Be Investigating

    X22 Report | 17 June 2023       Devin Nunes is the CEO of the Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG). Devin begins the conversation talking about Truth Social on how Truth is now a closed loop. The plumbers are controlling the US government, the infiltration is real. The corruption is now coming out about Biden which will lead to Obama. The attacks on Trump will continue. In the end the investigators will need to be investigatedRead More

President Donald J. Trump addresses second indictment

    Badminster, NJ, 13 June 2023       Source:

President Donald J. Trump at North Carolina GOP Convention

    10 June 2023       Source:

President Donald J. Trump at GA GOP Convention

    10 June 2023       Source:


    SGT Report | 5 June 2023       Dr. Lee Vliet President & CEO of the Truth for Health Foundation is back to speak the truth about the bioweapon vaxx genocidal maniacs and Biden’s Marxist satanic revolutionaries who will bring down this nation if we don’t stop them.     Source:

Mel K & Tommy Robinson | Silenced No More

    The Mel K Show | 3 June 2023     Source:           SILENCED: A Banned Documentary by Tommy Robinson     “Silenced” is a leaked documentary originally made by Tommy Robinson. In the film, he uncovers an unholy alliance between the government and the media as well as the unbelievable lengths they will go to silence the truth. A judge of the high court has threatened to send Tommy to prison if he releasedRead More


    SGT Report | 23 February 2023       Jim Willie returns to SGT Report to discuss WW3 and the counter war that is being waged against the Rothschild-Rockefeller-Zionist Khazarian mafia. It’s not game over for humanity just yet.   Source:     Jim Willie websire

Mel K & Colonel (Ret) John Mills | The Nation Will Follow: A Path Forward

    The Mel K Show | 28 May 2023       We The People must stand strong, stay united, resolute, calm and focus on the mission – God Wins!     Source:    

Former UN Exec. Director Călin Georgescu: Oligarchs own the U.N.

    ICI-Net | 26 December 2022       In this revealing and insightful interview. former UN Executive Director Călin Georgescu describes the process of infiltration and global takeover of the United Nations by oligarchs, particularly Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum (WEF).   He outlines the power structures of the UN, its covert manipulation, exploitation and enslavement of people around the world, and reveals the sobering reality of a once benevolent organization.   Călin Georgescu tells theRead More

Ret Col Douglas Macgregor on ending endless wars

    Triggered | 15 May 2023       Source:

Dr. Peter McCullough at The Reawaken America Tour

    Reawaken America Tour | 12 May 2023   What went wrong with the handling of COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Peter McCullough also brings to our attention the massive increase in the cases of childhood autism in the past decades and calls for Manhattan-style project to investigate the cause, including the possibility that childhood vaccines could be responsible. Furthermore, Dr. McCullough explores the susceptability of children with autism to the transgender agenda being rolled out.       Source:  Read More

Steve Bannon interviewed by Mike Adams: Saving the Republic is within our grasp!

    Health Ranger Report | 19 May 2023  

Biden investigation

    Hunter Biden investigation: GOP releases interim report on intelligence community’s laptop letter   Congressional Republicans released an interim report Wednesday accusing intelligence officials of embarking on a “political operation to help elect Vice President Biden in the 2020” election. The 64-page report outlines information congressional Republicans have gathered about the letter signed by 51 former intelligence officials to cast doubt on the authenticity of the Hunter Biden laptop in the run-up to the 2020 election. HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP LETTER SIGNER SAYS ACTIVE CIA EMPLOYEERead More

Robert Kennedy’s vision for HEALING a fractured America

  Mike Adams interviews Robert F Kennedy, Jr.   Health Ranger Report | 9 May 2023  

SGT Report w/ Mike Adams – THEY ARE TRULY WICKED

    SGT Report | 1 May 2023         Source:  

The Great Global Warming Swindle (2007)

    Everything you’ve ever been told about Global Warming is probably untrue. This film blows the whistle on the biggest swindle in modern history. We are told that ‘Man Made Global Warming’ is the biggest ever threat to mankind. There is no room for scientific doubt. Well, watch this film and make up your own mind.   Director: Martin Durkin       Source:         Sep 03 2016 – President Obama Signs U.S. Into Paris ClimateRead More

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