Vladimir Putin’s Peace Proposal for Ukraine and Reengagement with Europe – June 2024



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Michael Rossi Poli Sci | 14 June 2024




Russian President Vladimir Putin held a meeting with the leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in which, among a general discussion about the current developments concerning the war (Special Military Operation) in Ukraine, he laid out Russia’s proposed terms for peace that would lead to an automatic ceasefire and beginning of a negotiated settlement.


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Dmitry Medvedev on Twitter X


The President has spoken at the Foreign Ministry Collegium meeting. Here are some points that, to my mind, deserve special attention considering what the head of the state has said, or carefully hinted at in his speech:


First. Russia had many times offered Washington, Europe and NATO to nip the Ukrainian crisis in the bud thus preventing a large-scale tragedy.
The response was nothing but cynical manipulation and outright deception. The first time it occurred – concerning the subject – was in 2014. It was then that the promise to stop the outrages and provocations by neonazi forces in Kiev – the promise given personally by the US President – resulted in a coup d’état. Its outcome was the referendum on the return of Crimea to Russia Federation.
The second time was when it materialized as the Minsk agreements that eventually turned into a disgusting counterfeit cooked up just to arm the Kiev authorities – which its Western signatories have acknowledged.
It happened for the third time after the special military operation had begun – as a forced rejection by the Kiev regime of a neutrality treaty that it had initialed in Istanbul.


It came as the result of the boorish pressure inflicted by certain American officials and the British freak Johnson, as well as the bestial cowardice of the ruling Ukrainian clique afraid of a new Maidan. (By the way, the foreign executive, mentioned by Vladimir Putin, – the one who visited Moscow in March 2022 was none other than the Israeli PM Naftali Bennett; it was he who went to Kiev after visiting Moscow and proposed a compromise peace based on determination of fate of the then disputed territories. He was simply shaken off as a Kremlin agent. The complete idiots thus rejected the possible peace offered to them on the most favourable terms.)


Second. Now the world situation is totally different. In accordance with the Constitution, the new territories have become part of Russia. And this is forever. Are new negotiations possible? Yes, they are. This is what the head of our state has said today, formulating the new idea of ending the conflict – but only with regard to the reality existing on the ground based on the Istanbul peace deal and the current version of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.


Third. It is clear that the events are developing according to a catastrophic scenario for the bandera regime. In the future, it will get only worse: our President has directly stated that, outlining the base for possible negotiations. The room for the compromise is diminishing like shagreen leather, together with the shrinking territory of the dying country. And the day is not far off when only a thin stripe of that can remain. Russia must protect itself for the long years to come. This is where the idea of a “sanitary zone”, proposed by Vladimir Putin, comes from. This zone can extend over as much as f. Ukraine right till the borders of Poland, because this is where the continuous threat is coming from. And then what?
The President has not put it directly, but obviously, these territories can become part of Russia – if the people living there wish so.


Fourth. The “summit of the doomed” that starts tomorrow will end in total failure. Because senseless “negotiations” with Russia absent, according to the stillborn formula by the Kiev clown are nothing but recruiting new extras for an idiotic piece of play to legalize the Kiev buffoon as the full-scale head of state. But all, even our pathetic opponents, understand that he is nothing but a miserable usurper shaking with fear and drug abstinence. The systemic interpretation of the Ukrainian constitution given by Vladimir Putin leads to a very simple conclusion: it is impossible to extend the powers of the president, they go to the head of parliament.


And the fifth. By now zelensky is a nobody. He has no real authority, and his orders are not supposed to be followed by anyone. And the officials he appointed after his powers had expired have no right to make any decisions whatsoever. These persons are illegitimate, and their decisions are illegal. Therefore, any Ukrainian soldier commits a felony by following the illegal orders issued by officials appointed by illegitimate authorities. And that is how an usurper, who seized power in the country, took the entire population of Ukraine hostage. And he keeps sending soldiers forth to die day in, day out, while having no right to do so. He will either face trial or be torn apart by a mob, and the f. Ukraine will have to surrender.


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