The Deep State

Antarctica Breakaway Civilization

    The breakaway society based in Antarctica that ultimately commands the worldwide globalist cabal structure executing an overt goal to eliminate the majority of our polupation in the northern hemisphere and eventually to recapture the territory.     Juan O Savin (Wayne R. Willot) w/ Tom Bushnell  | 15 February 2024       * [Their] Breakaway Under The Ice Has Been There For Many Decades * Why Did Obama Just Go There Again * The Corrupt State DeptRead More


      SGT Report | 10 January 2024       Michael Hichborn the President of The Lepanto Institute returns to SGT Report to discuss Vatican corruption, the Chabad jew tunnels below New York City, pizzagate and the US Ponzi scheme which is stealing the futures of our progeny and corrupting everything that we as Americans hold dear.     Source:       The Lepanto Institute

THE PERILS OF ZIONSIM — Veteran U.S. Military Jet Pilot

      SGT Report | 9 January 2024       28-year military vet & jet pilot, patriot, husband, father and prepper returns to SGT Report to discuss a topic that has been “off limits” for the entirety of our lives, Zionism. Specifically Rothschild Zionism, the reason for war after war and so much human suffering on earth.     Source:

The Great Taking – Documentary

        David Webb exposes the system the Central Bankers have in place to take everything from everyone.   Source:         The Great Taking by David Rogers Webb  

Dean Henderson – How They Are Destroying America & What Will We Do?

      Tremregi | 18 December 2023       Dean Henderson joins me for another history lesson and discussion about how the royal bloodlines, today’s filthy rich robber barons and tycoons, are destroying America – according to plan! So many brilliant nuggets. The big question is, what will we, the people, do? Elections are not the answer. Peaceful, non-violent protests? Civil War?   I keep coming back to this question posed by Dr. Helen Caldicott, “Are we areRead More

SGT Report w/ Nathan Reynolds (2)

    Groomed To Be A Child Assassin 27 October 2023             Wickedness In The Highest Places 26 October 2023           Source:

All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars – Mercola

        Source:       Mercola | 21 October 2023   All wars can be traced back to the private central bankers. American soldiers have fought and died in wars initiated for no other purpose than to force private central banking on nations that didn’t want them Central banks make money out of thin air by lending money at interest, and in the process, they drain a nation of its wealth The American Revolution was instigated byRead More

Truth About The Rulers Of The Darkness — Harley Schlanger

      SGT Report | 17 October 2023       Source:

Shadow Government Exposed

    The Consequences of the Iran-Contra Scandal   Badlands Media | 16 October 2023   The Shadow Government was established and entrenched over many decades. It had become so powerful that many people inside and outside of the country feared the consequences of trying to buck the system. But there were moments in time when this corrupt CIA controlled shadow government actually seemed vulnerable.         Source:    

Women, Children … and Terror

    Who’s Pulling the Strings in the Middle East?   Badlands Media | 13 October 2023   By Erik Carlson       Source:

SGT Report w/ Nathan Reynolds (1)

    Bloodlines & Abominations Of The Illuminati 22 September 2023             The Plumed Serpent & A Den Of Thieves 29 September 2023             The Dragon, Revenge & Blood 13 October 2023           Source:

Israel & B L O O D M O N E Y — Bix Weir

    SGT Report | 10 October 2023       Source:

Fm8 w/ Nathan Reynolds – The House Of The Dragon & It’s Devices

    9 September 2023               Source:         Nathan Renolds website SNATCHED FROM THE FLAMES      

The Greatest History Never Told w/ Dr Jacob Nordangård

      Ivor Cummins | 24 June 2023     This evening at 7:30pm UK time we premiere the session I recorded recently in Stockholm with Dr. Jacob Nordangard, and it is packed with illustrations and clips to make it a docu-drama! It covers everything of importance: the geopolitical history of Rockefeller/Carnegie/Ford foundations, thru to the Rockefeller influential dominance in the 1940’s.  Their creation of League of Nations (soon to become the United Nations & WHO). The intrigue acceleratesRead More

Corey Lynn – WHY? No Justice & Obvious Crimes: Private Immunity Agreements Congress can Stop

      Sarah Westhall | 31 August 2023       Journalist Corey Lynn rejoins the program to discuss the immunity agreements NGOs and Private Organizations have. These congressionally granted immunity agreements allow them to operate above the law without any ability for citizens to find justice for any wrong doing. Worse, Congress could stop this. Learn this and more in today’s show.     Source:         Corey’s Digs

‘Us & Them’

      “Watchman for Our Lord and Savior” @RichardMontbleau | 4 January 2023   Part 1   In Part 1 of Richard`s video series, “Us & Them”, he is sharing how Satan and his blue-blooded Nephilim Serpent Race, has weaved a network and system of control through throughout the entire world, for the sole purpose of hiding the Lord God from you and so that you never come to the knowledge of your free gift of salvation that youRead More


      Lost Battlefields w Tino Struckman | 15 February 2023     Since the second world war we have been talking of the horrors of war, the battles, tanks, the men and machines. But none of it could have happened if not for the international industrialists, bankers and law-firms and banking cartels. In this very special episode I will go over all these details and cover who these people were, where did what Gold come from and whereRead More

The Best Kept Secret of the Deep State – Episodes 1 – 17

        ‘This podcast will give you the foundation for a greater understanding about the entity commonly referred to as the “Deep State”. You will learn about a very powerful family whose motto reads in Latin “Esse, non videri”, which translates to “To act, not to seem to be.”‘     Episode 1: What is the Deep State?         Episode 2: There is a company called Ericsson         Episode 3: SWEDEN –Read More

A Thousand Pieces (2020)

    Insiders Expose The ‘Deep State’   A Zero Hour Alchemy production Directed by Roger R. Richards Produced and co-directed by Steve Lucescu Narrated by Sean Stone  

The Shadow State (2022) Documentary

        “The Shadow State“, a feature documentary by The Epoch Times, takes a deep dive inside the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) industry, an emerging multitrillion-dollar power structure that unites governments with corporations in the march toward a brave new world of climate and social justice. See how it works, what its goals are, and who is driving it. Will this new global alliance bring us a cleaner, more peaceful, more equitable future, or will it bringRead More

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