The Deep State

The Fall of The Cabal – Full, Parts 1 – 10

  This documentary was made by researcher and author Janet Ossebaard from the Netherlands, with the aid of countless ‘Anons’ across the world: “It contains thousands of hours of research. I urge you to accept nothing as the truth. Please do your own research and double-check everything I present to you. That is the only way to truly wake up and become an independent thinker.”  

Rothschild Dynasty is Seeking to Fulfill Kalergi Depopulation Agenda

  By Susan Bradford | Published by James Fetzer | 2 May 2021    

J.R. Nyquist interviews

  J.R. Nyquist has been a columnist for WorldNetDaily, SierraTimes, Financial Sense Online, and The Epoch Times. He is author of “Origins of the Fourth World War,” “The Fool and His Enemy,” as well as co-author of “The New Tactics of Global War.”   Heath Ranger Report | 10 June 2021 China planning to launch attack on America “in a matter of months”       Health Ranger Report | 17 March 2020 Coronavirus, China and World War III  

A Brief History of the Deep State by J.R. Nyquist

  Part 1   Part 2     Source:

Monopoly – Follow the Money

Vrouwen Voor Vrijheid | 7 April 2021   Monopoly: an overview of the Great Reset. ‘This informative video gives an overview of what is currently happening in the world in just 1 hour. The video shows the modern global systems, and focusses on the situation in the Netherlands. We believe though, that people from all over the world will recognise this situation. In consultation with Tim Gielen, the maker of this video, and in cooperation with others who strive forRead More

Interview with Bishop Larry Gaiters

Patriot Streetfighter interview with Bishop Larry Gaiters | 7 April 2021   Part 1     Part 2


This video was published on the YouTube channel NE NASEDAJ KORONA LAŽI !!! on 4 January 2021. We are unable to verify it’s authenticity but will post it here so you can decide for yourselves.  

Interview of BardsFM with Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò speaks out against the Deep State, the Deep Church and the Global Elite’s plan to enslave humanity. 28 October 2020     Part 1     Part 2       Transcript of the above interview:

China’s silent takeover while America’s elite sleeps

Former Brigadier General Robert Spalding full interview with Patrick Bet-David. 29 November 2020  

Tavistock Institute

​The Battle For The Minds Of Men Tavistock Institute was established in 1921 by Luciferian Jesuit agents serving the Vatican Roman Catholic one world empire. The sole purpose of Tavistock then and now is to devise methods of mind control in order to socially engineer the masses into subservience and ultimately “slavery.” This invisible agency has unlimited funding and works closely with other Jesuit agencies such as the CIA, FBI, MI6, media corporations, Hollywood and advertising agencies to ensure the implementation of cultural programs that distract and ultimately blind the minds of men everywhere.     ReadRead More

The Deep State Hiding in Plain Sight


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