The Best Kept Secret of the Deep State – Episodes 1 – 17





‘This podcast will give you the foundation for a greater understanding about the entity commonly referred to as the “Deep State”. You will learn about a very powerful family whose motto reads in Latin “Esse, non videri”, which translates to “To act, not to seem to be.”‘



Episode 1: What is the Deep State?





Episode 2: There is a company called Ericsson





Episode 3: SWEDEN – It’s a small country, but sharp. Very sharp.





Episode 4: Esse non videri. Acting without being seen.





Episode 5: George Soros. Who is he, really?





Episode 6: Russia, the Deep State and the Cold War – Part one





Episode 7: Russia, The Deep State and the Cold war – Part two





Episode 8: Raoul Wallenberg – What really happened to him?





Episode 9: An illusionist never reveals his magic





Episode 10: The Hidden Enemy listens, to everyone.





Episode 11: General George S. Patton – The Murder of an American hero





Episode 12: Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and the Blackmail business





Episode 13 – The Lord of the Rings and the All-seeing Eye






Episode 14: Money Mechanics, the Foundation of Globalism – THE NWO





Episode 15 – Roe v. Wade – The Hidden Agenda





Episode 16 – Modern Warfare. What is it – and why is it important?





Episode 17 – Denazification









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