The Deep State

Who is ACTUALLY Running the White House?

    The Mel K Show | 15 March 2023     Susan Rice is a war criminal.   Source:

Richard Poe: Puppet Masters & Perception. Who Is In Control?

    The Mel K Show | 1 March 2023       Source:       Richard Poe website Richard Poe substack

A Thousand Pieces (2020)

    Insiders Expose The ‘Deep State’   A Zero Hour Alchemy production Directed by Roger R. Richards Produced and co-directed by Steve Lucescu Narrated by Sean Stone  

UKRAINE (Deep State Stronghold)

          To understand the context of the Russian Special Military Operation in Ukraine we must look into the facts and not media sensationalism. This comprehensive analysis breaks down all the factors that led to this military intervention and what the west is covering up.     Source:

Octagon Group

  The Swiss Mafia           Spiritual Origins & Jesuits           Source credit: Dylan Louis Monroe’s Deep State Mapping Project   New Templers       Benjamin Fulford’s Blog

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