Dr. Peter McCullough At The European Parliament

    13 September 2023       Dr. McCullough delivered a speech to the European Union Parliament on September 13, 2023, in a session dedicated to the World Health Organization and Pandemic response. There were four attorneys and five scientists who made presentations. Dr. McCulllough’s speech was organized around three main concepts:   1. A Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex has formed after years of planning and congealing. This is a working syndicate that aspires for global domination over all plants, animals,Read More

COVID Was An Act Of War Against The Human Race – Dr David E Martin

      London Real | 23 June 2023       Source:           COVID Is Genocide – A Biological Warfare Crime – Dr. David Martin Speaks To The European Parliament   International Covid Summit – European Parliament, Brussels | 3 May 2023     Source:       International Covid Summit III – Part 1 International Covid Summit III – Part 2

Myocarditis and COVID-19 Vaccines: How the CDC Missed a Safety Signal and Hid a Warning

      THE EPOCH TIMES | 17 September 2023       Source:   T

A Radiation-Mimicking Disease of Access: The Only Reason We Initially Believed SARS-CoV-2 was a Respiratory Virus is that the Respiratory Tract is the Initial Point of Access

      Wherever the virus and its Spike Protein reach, they mimic the DAMAGE OF RADIATION: RADIATION PNEUMONIA   WMC Research | 20 September 2023       Source:           Support WMC Research

What You Need to Know About the Latest COVID Jab Rollout

    Mercola | 19 September 2023     Source:           Entire media LYING about FDA “approval” of new COVID vaccine   Health Ranger Report | 16 September     Source:     Related articles: Vaccines.News  


      The Highwire with Del Bigtree | 15 September 2023       Tennis phenom Novak Djokovic, stood for freedom and put his entire career on the line by missing major tournaments over his refusal to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Now, he’s making a comeback and has become the greatest male tennis player of all time after winning the US open last week to become a 24-time Grand Slam Champion.     Source:

The Vaccine Lie

      Dr. Kevin Stillwagon | 13 September 2023       15 minutes on why shots called vaccines do not prevent infections and do not stop the spread.     Source:         It’s easy to fall for the vaccine lie       Source:       Dr. Kevin Stillwagon’s substack

The WHO’s Proposed Amendments Will Increase ManMade Pandemics

        by Meryl Nass, Brownstone Institute | 17 August 2023   This report is designed to help readers think about some big topics: how to really prevent pandemics and biological warfare, how to assess proposals by the WHO and its members for preventing and responding to pandemics, and whether we can rely on our health officials to navigate these areas in ways that make sense and will help their populations. We start with a history of biologicalRead More

Dr. Robert Malone: FDA Has ‘Gone Rogue’ in Its Approval of New COVID-19 Boosters

      Dr. Malone accused the FDA of flouting its own rules and “going rogue” by green-lighting updated COVID-19 vaccines with limited clinical trial data     THE EPOCH TIMES | 14 September 2023         Source:

The Murderous Ideologies Behind Covid-19 | 14 September 2023   All viruses are good.  “(Natural) Viruses are detergents. AIDS was invented in a lab at UCLA in 1961-62 to study cancer (funded by DOD). AIDS, Swine Flu and SARS-2 are bioweapons (not viruses) The only way to ‘catch’ a bioweapon is by injection.” – Aajonus Vonderplanitz, PhD.       Source:            

Dr. William Makis: Teachers Are Being DECIMATED by Aggressive Turbo Cancers

      Man in America | 12 September 2023       Dr. Makis is a Canadian physician with expertise in Radiology, Oncology and Immunology. Governor General’s Medal, University of Toronto Scholar. Author of 100+ peer-reviewed medical publications.     Source:       Support Dr. Makis      

mRNA Vaccines Now Headed for Shrimp

    Mercola | 14 September 2023       Source:

A Definitive Cause: How the Spike Protein’s Relationship with ACE2 Allows it to Perfectly Mimic Radiation’s Effect in Inducing Systemic Fibrosis

    ACE2 and the Endothelium is the key to understanding Post-COVID (Spike Protein) Fibrosis Syndrome   WMC Research | 13 September 2023       Source:         Support WMC Research

COVID Jab Spike Protein Remains Six Months After Jab

    Mercola | 12 September 2023       Source:

Mounting evidence points to COVID vaccine damages


Government Gave Millions to American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to Promote COVID-19 Vaccines to Pregnant Women

    Epoch Health | 8 September 2023       Source:         CDC Agreement with ACOG  

Dr. William Makis: Turbo Cancer, Autophagy & New Hope for the Vaxxed

      SGT Report | 8 September   Part 1   Dr. William Makis returns to SGT Report to discuss the war against humanity and the complete denial by the medical establishment and mainstream media that there is any problem whatsoever with the bioweapon masquerading as a vaccine – as they prepare the public for Lockdown 2.0 and NEW “vaccines”.       Part 2   This is the must hear conclusion to my interview with Dr. William Makis.Read More

The Depletion of ACE2 and Sudden Cardiac Death: Lessons from SARS

    We may need to radically rethink the Spike Protein: Cancer spreads taking over metabolism – the Spike spreads depleting ACE2   Walter M Chestnut | 6 September 2023       Source:         Support WMC Research    

Confidential Leaks: Pfizer Docs. prove Deagel’s Grim 2025 Depopulation Forecast isn’t Fantasy!

    The Exposé | 5 September 2023       Source:         Deagel 2025 Forecast by Country       Source:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr Explains His Neurological Disorder & What Led Him Down the Vaccine ‘Wormhole’

    Breakfast Club Power | 31 August 2023       “The FDA said that opioids were ‘safe & effective’. Now we got a 106,000 kids dying every year from fentanyl. That is double the number that we lost during the 20-year Vietnam war.”       Source:  

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