Time for Answers: Tucker Calls into Question the Safety of COVID Injections

  The Vigilant Fox | 22 July 2022  

CoVenom-19 with Filmmaker Jonathan Otto

  American Media Periscope | 19 July 2022   James Grundvic w/ Jonathan Otto       Source:                      


  Project Camelot | 28 May 2022       Source:     About Dr Robert Young       There Are NO NEW DISEASES and NO NEW VIRUSES!       Source:         DR ROBERT YOUNG: GRAPPHENE AND VACCINES 3 March 2022

FDA Colluded With Moderna to Bypass COVID Vaccine Safety Standards, Documents Reveal

  The Defender | 12 July 2022   According to Alexandra Latypova, an ex-pharmaceutical industry executive, documents obtained from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine suggest the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Moderna colluded to bypass regulatory and scientific standards used to ensure products are safe. By Megan Redshaw   According to an ex-pharmaceutical industry and biotech executive, documents obtained from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine suggest theRead More

Pfizer Asks Court to Dismiss Whistleblower Lawsuit Because Government Was Aware of Fraud

  The Defender | 5 July 2022   In an interview with The Defender, the lawyer representing whistleblower Brook Jackson said Pfizer is arguing the court should dismiss Jackson’s lawsuit alleging fraud in Pfizer’s COVID-19 clinical trials because the U.S. government knew about the wrongdoings but continued to do business with the vaccine maker. By Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.   A lawsuit filed by whistleblower Brook Jackson alleging Pfizer and two of its contractors manipulated data and committed other acts of fraud during Pfizer’s COVID-19 clinical trials isRead More

Hungarian MP Links Drastic Fall in Birth Rates to Mass ‘Vaccinations’ Against Covid

  RAIR Foundation | 30 June 2022   The number of births in Hungary decreased this year by 20 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. The deputy president of the Hungarian political party, Our Homeland Movement, warned that her country’s birth rates had shown a sudden and drastic drop since the beginning of this year. This massive dop comes almost nine months after the first surge of the covid “vaccines.”       Source:

Dr Robert Malone on the Pfizer Documents and Vaccine Fraud

  19 May 2022   What Are They Hiding?—Dr. Robert Malone on the Pfizer Documents and Evidence of Cardiotoxicity, Birth Defects, and the Rise in All-Cause Mortality   The COVID-19 vaccine makers “knew of many of these risks and adverse events… and yet never formally disclosed them to patients”, says mRNA vaccine pioneer Dr. Robert Malone. “I think there are many in the legal profession that are looking at this and raising questions about whether, in fact, this does meetRead More

Parents, Who Do You Trust? The Government or Your Child’s God-Given Immune System?

  The Vigilant Fox | 29 June 2022  

James Roguski: FDA Meeting On Next Round of Boosters

  Bannons War Room | 27 June 2022           Do Infants and Very Young Children Need Covid-19 Shots? Over 75% of all children have already been exposed to SARS-CoV-2 and have developed natural immunity.       Source:        

Covid Vaccines and Infertility

  Why are birth rates plummeting in the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Taiwan — nine months after mass covid vaccinations? A substantial monthly decrease in birth rates from January 2022 to April 2022 compared to previous years has been reported in various countries around the world.     Germany Germany reported a 13% decline in births between January and March 2022 compared to the same period in 2021.       United Kingdom The United Kingdom reported a 7.7% decline inRead More

Did You Know that 45% of the FDA Budget is Paid for by Big Pharma?

  Childrens Health Defense | 24 June 2022     – 45% of the FDA’s budget comes directly from the pharmaceutical industry through a program called “Fast Track.” – They refuse to do vaccinated vs. unvaccinated studies for childhood vaccines. – There are 15,000 reports of fertility issues from the COVID vaccine alone, which accounts for 95% of all the fertility issues in the history of VAERS.   Brian Hooker PhD: “They [the government] do not have your best interestsRead More

Novak Djokovic Reaffirms the COVID Jab Is Not an Option

  Djokovic says he would rather not play in the US Open than subject himself to the shot     Source:    

Mike Adams examines the COVID vaccine induced “clots” under a microscope

  InfoWars | 13 June 2022 Mike Adams presents Alex Jones Show featuring an urgent care doctor, embalmer Richard Hirschman and Dr Jane Ruby, plus live microscopy of biostructure “clots” that are killing people who have taken COVID vaccines.                     Source:  

Shocking microscopy photos of fibrous clots extracted from those who “suddenly died”

  crystalline structures, nanowires, chalky particles and fibrous structures   Natural News | 13 June 2022   “These clots are often referred to as “blood clots” but they are nothing at all like normal clots, and they consist of far more than mere blood cells. Unlike normal clots which are gelatinous, almost jelly-like, these so-called “clots” contain extremely large, complex, repeating structural elements (all shown below) that are clearly being constructed in the blood of the victims who died from theseRead More

Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda

  9 June 2022 A new CHD Films documentary, “Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda”, exposes a World Health Organization (WHO) program resulting in the sterilization of African women without their knowledge or consent.         Source:    

Biological Catastrophe

  American Thought Leaders | 7 June 2022 Jan Jekielek with Dr Peter McCullough and John Leake   Dr Peter McCullough: Pfizer, Moderna, J&J Vaccines Should Be ‘Immediately Pulled Off the Market’       “What we’ve learned is an unbelievable story of poor safety. In fact, I think it’s basically a biological catastrophe on our hands,” says Dr. Peter McCullough, an internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist, and leading expert on COVID-19 treatment. In this episode, we sit down with Dr. McCullough andRead More

Andy Wakefield drops bombshell about new INFERTILITY documentary launching soon

  Health Ranger Report | 7 June 2022     Source:         Who is Dr Andy Wakefield?      Thrivetime Show | 9 December 2020     Dr Andy Wakefield shares the horrific truth about what is inside the COVID-19 vaccines and why it is simply unacceptable to go against the medical and big-pharma industry   Source:          


  USA Watchdog | 4 June 2022         Board-certified pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole has treated more than 500,000 patients, and he is an expert in postmortem examination.  Dr. Cole has a long resume, including a five-year stint at the Mayo Clinic.  Dr. Cole was one of the very first doctors to come out and question the entire Covid19 narrative and the extreme push for CV19 vaccine injections for all.  He has been attacked relentlessly and lost halfRead More

What’s Going to Happen to Vaccinated Children?

  Dr Russell Blaylock: “High probability, we’re gonna see a real spike in childhood cancers because of this, and they’re ignoring that. One of the really frightening studies was [that] it impairs DNA repair, and these DNA repair enzymes are very efficient at fixing that damage. Well, they found that after the vaccination, the vaccine actually impaired two of the most critical of these DNA repair enzymes …”       Source:    

Dear Friends, Sorry to Announce a Genocide – It’s Really True: They Know they are Killing the Babies

Dr Naomi Wolf | 30 May 2022   “It seems that there can indeed be a happenstance genocide. Reproduction itself is targeted, intentionally or not, by the mRNA vaccines. And if you know that reproduction is harmed, and babies and fetuses are harmed, and you know that this is at scale, which everyone at Pfizer and at the FDA who read these documents, knew —and if you do not stop — then does that not ultimately become a genocide?  Read More

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