Peace Deal

Assessing Putin’s and the West’s Peace Proposals for Ukraine

    A Way Forward or A Frozen Conflict?     Michael Rossi Poli Sci | 16 June 2024         Source:           Putin’s Peace Proposal

Vladimir Putin’s Peace Proposal for Ukraine and Reengagement with Europe – June 2024

    With English subtitles   Michael Rossi Poli Sci | 14 June 2024       Russian President Vladimir Putin held a meeting with the leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in which, among a general discussion about the current developments concerning the war (Special Military Operation) in Ukraine, he laid out Russia’s proposed terms for peace that would lead to an automatic ceasefire and beginning of a negotiated settlement.   Source:    Read More

Putin Reveals Secret Peace Agreement Between Russia and Ukraine

          Source:           Richard Medhurst | 19 June 2023     Source:      

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