Zelenskyy Unmasked (Episodes 1–5): Exposing the Truth Behind the War in Ukraine






Zelensky Unmasked is an explosive 12 part series that exposes the truth behind the war in Ukraine, as well as the face of it all. The series reveals who masterminded the cult of Volodymyr Zelensky and why it was created. It also investigates the deep state and corporate interests that have profited off of this war. Who is really benefitting from the over $100 billion dollars the US has sent Ukraine? What’s the Nord Stream pipeline and who blew it up? Where are all the weapons we have sent? And why has Ukraine signed its destiny over to BlackRock, the world’s largest monopoly? This series answers all of these questions and more, while unmasking Zelensky and one of history’s deadliest conspiracies.


The American independent media platform Truthinmedia presented the a series dedicated to the Ukrainian conflict. The creators of the project warned that there would be no “black and white” picture, as portrayed to the residents of the US by the White House and the largest “pro-democratic media”.


This is Part 1-5 of that series.


For the full series visit https://truthinmedia.com/series/zelenskyy-unmasked/




Source: https://tinyurl.com/bddk676d

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