Zelenskyy Unmasked (Episodes 1–5): Exposing the Truth Behind the War in Ukraine

          Zelensky Unmasked is an explosive 12 part series that exposes the truth behind the war in Ukraine, as well as the face of it all. The series reveals who masterminded the cult of Volodymyr Zelensky and why it was created. It also investigates the deep state and corporate interests that have profited off of this war. Who is really benefitting from the over $100 billion dollars the US has sent Ukraine? What’s the Nord StreamRead More

The Volodymyr Zelensky File – Puppet President Exposed

            Volodymyr Zelensky has been President of Ukraine since May 2019. He is known throughout the world for tirelessly demanding weapons for his country in order to stand up to Russia. Only with more weapons would peace in Europe be safe! What exactly is going on here? How could Zelensky rise from actor to president and be the darling of the Western media? Who does the self-proclaimed “servant of the people” really serve?    Read More

A Scott Ritter Investigation: Agent Zelensky

    Scott Ritter | 11 July 2023   As a former intelligence officer, I’ve been wondering why has no one done an investigation about Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine? His rise to power, in my opinion, represents an incredible manipulation of world opinion that will go down in history as a classic case study in social psychological engineering: an ordinary comedian who came to power because he promised a long-awaited peace, who then dragged his fellow citizens intoRead More

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