The Secret History – Underground Dungeons, Murder, Demonic Visions and the Death of the Roman Empire




Asha Logos | 22 August 2021




Perhaps the most explosive insider historical account of significance ever written, Procopius’ “The Secret History” claims to voice the untold story of the latter stages of Eastern Rome and it’s swift degeneration, specifically under Justinian and Theodora.


This respected scholar and historian was no enemy of the Emperor and Empress – at least at the outset – and in fact was chosen by them to be the leading Byzantine court historian. He subsequently became the man responsible for documenting the Gothic wars, spearheaded by Eastern Rome’s most famous and capable general of the day, Belisarius.


So explosive was the work, and so extreme were certain claims, that the entire work has been largely ignored – a serious mistake and injustice, in my view.


This video is a tribute to Procopius, his work, and all similar important histories quietly shuffled away or proactively hidden. One can’t help but notice countless parallels with the collapse of Rome and our own degenerate, prideful, ignorant and forgetful age, and important related lessons.. let’s not turn our heads.





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