Conspiracy? Our Subverted History




by Asha Logos


Part 1 – Setting the Stage (18 Feb 2019)



I’m going to make this a series, as its impossible to fit even the broad strokes into a single video, and its all but impossible to do this topic the justice it deserves. This will be an overview, and future videos will zoom in a bit on specific peoples and time periods (I’m working on a Scythians video as I write this), and be more detailed and specific.


Long story short, much of what we call civilization seems to spring from a relatively singular genetic and cultural root, which proceeded to disperse across the globe in waves, and it seems their tracks are being buried, obfuscated.


I sincerely hope this encourages others to begin digging with open eyes. If you have anything you feel is especially important and relevant to share, please feel free, I’m always seeking context –




Part 2 – The Scythians and Their Kin (1 Apr 2019)



Agile, independent, self-sufficient… only taking fights on their own terms, and only when the odds favor them.. refusing to play their opponents games or fall into their traps. Unassailable, yet powerfully capable of assailing enemies. Profoundly competent, yet understated and unpretentious. Just, honest, genuine, courageous and magnanimous, yet capable of being ruthless when the situation warranted. To my mind, these are the hallmarks of the ‘True Scythian’, that most ancient root of the Indo-European people that proceeded to branch out across the known world and subsequently become known as an endless variety of peoples and nations over time.


I’ve purposefully used the oldest and most broad definition of ‘Scythian’ throughout this video, that mentioned at 4:00, lumping many of their obvious direct outgrowths into the umbrella term. The more I dig, the more the dividing lines between peoples fall away, and the more its possible to understand the central spoke of the wheel of the ‘PIE’ (Proto-Indo-European) people, and the ‘True’ Scythians are very representative of this seed from which so much would later grow.


Think of history in the manner of waves radiating outwards (and back inwards) from a central point around the black sea, and firm caste structures developed in its wake, and history immediately begins to make a great deal more sense.


There’s still a great deal I’m not saying, and haven’t yet touched upon, especially with regards to Scythian ‘origins’, and I hope you’ll all be a bit patient in this regard. As I mentioned before, picture this series as an attempt at a spiral towards truth, each rotation drawing a bit nearer, the totality of context a bit clearer, and further building the contextual puzzle.


Apologies for not giving details to support each minor point. I’m trying to cover such a broad swathe of time and events that these videos would be 10+ hours long were I to delve into the specifics and supporting evidence, but I try to only to give voice to what I can be relatively certain is true. (It’ll add a bit of time/effort to the equation, but in the future I think I’ll cite lists of sources used)
Many others do the piecemeal analysis of details and specifics, I’m taking this path because I feel there’s both a need and appetite for it, but I strongly encourage others to do their own research… and in fact this is probably the foremost goal of my creating these videos. I very much want to launch other intensive research journeys.

(One of the more interesting information sources regarding the Spartan/Scythian connection:




Part 3 – Hellenic Greece, Troy, and the real ‘Game of Thrones’ (31 May 2019)





Part 4 – The Germanic Peoples: A Root and its Branches (25 Aug 2019)





Part 4.2 – The Germanic Peoples: The Goths, Justice and Order (7 Sept 2019)





Part 4.3 – The Germanic Peoples: The End of the Goths (18 Nov 2019)



A high point in the western tradition: strength, competence, stability, order, justice, grace and nobility.

Lest we forget.




Part 5.1 – The Oera Linda Book (12 Sept 2020)



One of the most striking discrepancies between how we currently understand our history, and how it was understood and presented by those of previous eras, is in the extent of the connection between the ancestors of modern western mankind to ancient Mesopotamia, Persia, India, Greece and Macedonia and Troy, the Steppes.. and one could go on.


Nearly every source authored prior to the mid 1900’s that touches on the subject matter and the origins of European peoples, stretching back to Homer and the Vedas, speaks of these strong connections, and implies frequent travels and migrations. I’ve come to believe such connections are stronger than most might imagine.


In these videos we’ll examine what may be one of the most important sources of such history – authored from within a ‘seed’ or ‘nest’ population, quite possibly a key origin point of the waves of migration that seem to have taken place over the past few thousand years.


Some final notes:
In our age, with examples of the healthy feminine almost completely lacking, and opposite examples to be found everywhere, I think its difficult to envision just how positively this deep love and devotion might have manifested when springing from a healthy and well-oriented mind, directed exclusively towards one’s kin, nation, and extended family.. as opposed to a chaotic dissipation in 360 degrees – on cats, refugees, characters on TV, and everything in between. The vestal-virgin/burg-maiden conception makes more sense, in this light.


Lastly – though kindly, noble, and just, this wasn’t a pacifistic population. Much like the Spartans or Goths, they don’t seem to have sought out wars, or fought them lightly – but their martial prowess seems to have been legendary.. aided by a far larger stature and frame than neighboring populations, mandated military training for every male at least once every seven days, and a prudent hierarchical structure which we’ll cover in the next videos. Their mastery of the high seas may well be inextricably linked with the later British, Dutch, and Nordic dominance.


There is much, much more to say.. I look forward to the next productions.




Part 5.2 – The Oera Linda Book ( 1 Nov 2020)



The second video in a three-part series on the ‘Oera Linda Book’. We discuss the probable Phrygian, Greek, and Indian connections, the genetic and cultural overlap with the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, the little known Frisian retaking of Rome, the seemingly anciently related Phoenicians who chose to walk a very different path.. and quite a bit more.


Who were the ‘true’ Germans, or ‘genuine’ Scythians, Saxons, or Fryans – those who speak of ‘royal obligations’, and seemed to seek justice above all else?


Whether conspiracy or organic occurrence or something in between, developing a clear understanding of our history seems to be increasingly difficult. Old books disappear, or are nearly impossible to obtain.. new books dealing with relevant subject matter seem to be a hodgepodge of speculative guesswork, driven by modern political and cultural considerations.


This is devastating – the real possibility exists of losing our understanding of our past.. and because we orient ourselves according to what we learn, according to what we believe to be past experiences, those capable of proactively authoring the past are essentially shaping the future.
Truth must win the day, here. All is at stake.




Part 5.3 – The Oera Linda Book (14 Mar 2021)



The third and final part of our three part series on the Oera Linda book, in which we speak to a ‘Celtic’ offshoot that seems to have moved into South America and the region of New Zealand and Easter Island, to the extremely strong connections to ancient Persia and India, and the growing evidence of a highly competent seafaring civilization that seems to have left port-footprints across much of the known world – especially the most strategically significant locations: Athens, Troy, Crete, Minnagara, Constantinople, Stavoren, Tunis, Tyre, and the northwesternmost part of the Black Sea, near the territory of the Royal Scythians).


Among so much more than I didn’t have time to include were portions of the ‘Skeletons in the Cupboard’ documentary speaking to what seems to be aggressive and purposeful destruction of old skeletons, proactively searching them out to grind them into fertilizer. What’s so disturbing about these modern trends is that they seem to be international in scope, perhaps even organized and intentional, and fueled by a great deal of money, and help from institutions like the Smithsonian. Whether it be Zahi Hawass preventing digging and exploration in Egypt, China restricting Tocharian sites and planting trees atop the pyramids they refuse to officially recognize, the most important artifacts in the world being looted en masse in Iraq during recent conflicts, or ISIS being used to destroy statues, sculptures, and ancient sites, or the Smithsonian ‘misplacing’ thousands of various findings that don’t fit into the conventional historical narrative – it’s becoming more and more difficult to believe this broader push to rewrite history isn’t willful, intentional.


The ‘why’, here, remains an open question – but this is one of the foremost reasons I decided to begin this series, and why there’s much more to come.


A sidenote: I sometimes cite legendary accounts, possibly exaggerated or embellished stories, in which the authors have taken artistic/poetic license, and even the occasional snippet of supposed ‘fiction’ to highlight larger themes running through countless older works. This isn’t to say I believe each and every one of these is perfectly factual – we should approach all such things with caution/discernment – but rather to say that the totality of these taken together seem to present a powerfully convincing and cohesive story. I’m less interested in details and specifics, more interested in the broader ‘flow’ of the unfolding storyline.. and believe it has far more to offer, and is vastly more important. Legends and myths and accounts – like a game of ‘telephone’ – can become a bit muddied and convoluted with the passage of time.. but the core/essence elements seem to speak to ‘seed truths’ of immense importance.


I appreciate the patience (and support).. these take time, but I’ll be finding ways to create them more quickly, in the future.