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    Support Alex @ The Duran     Ukraine aid may slow Russian advance. MIC payday and no audit. Lord of the Rings & Axis of Evil 22 April 2024         US House, Ukraine chants and flags. Mike Johnson is Churchill. Blinken to deliver ultimatum to China 21 April 2024         Mike Johnson, a new Axis of Evil. Orban, EU mood is ‘one of war.’ Rutte, Putin is not strong 20 AprilRead More

An Angry Russian – The Crocus City Massacre

      Tremregi | 25 March 2024       Stas Krapivnik joins me from Moscow to discuss the latest news on the massacre in Moscow yesterday, also the tone of Putin’s address to the nation, and the significance of his reelection. His angry, emotional comments are understandable, and reflect what a lot of Russians are feeling.     Source:

‘Kill them all’: inside the Israeli blockade on Gaza aid

    The Grayzone | 21 March 2024       Journalist Jeremy Loffredo goes inside the grassroots Israeli campaign to block desperately needed aid to the besieged Gaza Strip and elicits the shockingly candid views of the Jewish Israeli nationalists manning the barricades.   Setting out on a bus caravan through illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank, Loffredo arrives at the Kerem Shalom crossing to Gaza, filming Israeli citizens as they physically block trucks loaded with flourRead More

Battle for Brazil: CIA Influence, Censorship, and Criminal Presidents

    Tucker Carlson | 29 February 2024       Souce:

Putin, state of the nation and the Global Majority

      The Duran | 1 March 2024       Source:           Putin addresses Russian Federal Assembly: Key takeaways       Full speech:

China, AUKUS and control of Asia-Pacific w/ Jeff Rich

      The Duran | 27 February 2024       Source:       The Burning Archive by Jeff Rich

Unfreezing the Abraham Accords

    A New Transatlantic Strategy for Greater Peace, Stability and Integration in the Middle East   By Barak M. Seener, Henry Jackson Socirty       Source:

Alex Christoforou interviewed by Mike Adams

      Health Ranger Report | 24 February 2024     Source:       Support Alex @ The Duran

The Duran on Tucker Carlson interview with Vladimir Putin

    10 February 2024             Putin’s message to the west w/ Jeffrey Sachs 12 February 2024         Source:  

Mike Adams and Michael Yon join The Duran

      Health Ranger Report | 9 February 2024       – Current events in Texas with guests from Brighteon. (0:03) – Texas-Mexico border situation and US government’s response. (3:04) – Weaponized migration and demographic warfare. (4:58) – US border security and immigration. (9:27) – US government’s handling of immigration and security concerns. (19:44) – Immigration, border security, and state rights. (22:08) – US civil war, immigration, and global elites. (27:13) – Immigration and border control in theRead More

Tucker Carlson Interviews Vladimir Putin

    TCN | 6 February 2024       Source:

Tucker Carlson: Why I’m interviewing Vladimir Putin

    TCN | 6 February 2024  

Matt Bracken joins Mike Adams with ominous prediction about the DEFEAT of the US military and the COLLAPSE of the empire

      Health Ranger Report | 31 January 2024       – Texas-US border crisis and potential collapse of global economy. (1:14) – US military capabilities and geopolitical tensions. (10:32) – Post-collapse recovery efforts and geopolitical tensions. (14:47) – Geopolitics, military technology, and potential conflicts. (19:36) – US military obsolescence and profit-driven defense policies. (24:45) – Military technology and incentives for engineers. (30:04) – US military spending and foreign policy. (34:50) – US Empire collapse triggers and geopoliticalRead More

Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern on why America’s leadership is DELUSIONAL…

    Health Ranger Report | 29 January 2024       Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern on why America’s leadership is DELUSIONAL about Russia and the Middle East   – Russia, Ukraine, and Middle East with former CIA analyst Ray McGovern. (0:00) – US-Russia relations and nuclear arms control. (1:01) – US-Russia relations and potential for conflict escalation. (8:22) – US-Ukraine relations and military intervention. (15:22) – Geopolitics, military strategy, and energy politics. (19:52) – US foreign policy andRead More

Dimitri Lascaris ICJ Ruling Against Israel

      Tremregi | 26 January 2024       Lawyer, activist, blogger, Dimitry Lascaris breaks down the ICJ ruling today and explains the significance for today and going forward. It’s historic, but will the rest of the world and the Arab neighbors act to boycott and isolate this evil entity in Israel?     Source:

War Is A Racket

          War Is A Racket by Major General Smedley Butler       Source:

RIP Gonzalo Lira

      I’m About To Cross The Border   Source:     Gonzalo Ángel Quintilio Lira López (February 29, 1968 – January 12, 2024) was a Chilean-American novelist, film director and war commentator reporting regularly from Ukraine on his YouTube channel.   Gonzalo was arrested on 1 May 2023 charged of ‘production and dissemination of materials justifying Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine’ under Article 436-2 of Ukraine’s Criminal Code, parts 2 and 3, pertaining to wartime propaganda. At theRead More

The Great John Pilger

              LewRockwell | 8 January 2024       Source:

Congress’ ‘Gift’ to America This Christmas

      By Ron Paul | 14 December 2023   Just before leaving town for Christmas break, the US House gave Americans a last-minute holiday gift: a nearly trillion dollar military spending bill filled with lots of goodies for the special interests and the military-industrial complex. Unfortunately, the rest of America got nothing but coal in its stockings.   With Constitutionalists like Rep. Thomas Massie on the House Rules Committee, Speaker Johnson made the unusual move of bringing theRead More

The Matrix is Collapsing

      TheCrowhouse | 11 December 2023       Source:

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