How to Destroy Russia – CIA’s decades of propaganda war

        Glenn Diesen – U.S. Think Tanks – Soft Power & Hard Power   Tremregi | 6 June 2023       Glenn Diesen, professor at South Eastern Norway University, regular contributor on RT, expert at Valdai Discussion Club and the St. Petersburg Economic Form discusses how the U.S. Think Tanks hijack EU policymakers; his new book: The Think Tank Racket-Managing The Information War with Russia; and how the U.S. uses its military in 90 countries aroundRead More

Dragana Trifkovic – Serbia Kosovo – History, Background & Trouble Brewing Watch

    Tremregi | 31 May 2023       Dragana Trifkovic joins me in an important history lesson about the origins of Serbia’s problems today and with Kosovo. The dirty hands of the USA are visible everywhere. Nothing knew, but Serbia is not what you think it is and the people don’t like it.     Source:

Ben Toth – Hungary – Cracks in the EU/NATO – Drones Over Moscow

    Tremregi | 30 May 2023       Ben Toth joined me in an important and informative interview ranging from Viktor Orban in Hungary not toeing the US/NATO line; cracks in the EU/NATO; Russia’s goals for the SMO repeated; where did the drones come from that attacked Moscow today, May 30, 2023 and who is behind it?; Serbia/Kosovo tensions rising; Avian flu from US biolabs in Ukraine attacking Russia.     Source:

Sergey Lavrov Address at United Nations Security Council

    New York | 24 April 2023       Speech by Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov at the UN Security Council: “Effective Multilateralism through the Protection of the Principles of the UN Charter”   Source:   Original video:       Full transcript from    

Is Tucker Carlson The “Controlled Opposition?

    Tremregi | 14 April 2023     My commentary on this recent Tucker Carlson show on FOX News. I don’t care if he is the “controlled Opposition.” He’s at least telling the Truth to millions and millions of Americans, and his show is growing in popularity, fare outpacing MSNBC, CNN and other mainstream stenographers for the CIA and US government.     Source:

Mel K & Author Gary Kah – Standing on the Precipice of Geopolitical Uncertainty

    The Mel K Show | 6 April 2023         Source:


    An Old Man in a Chair | 23 March 2023     Providing depleted uranium to Ukraine has taken us to the edge of nuclear war. Vernon Coleman explains why depleted uranium is truly dangerous and has taken us into lethal territory. He also explains why this is part of the globalists’ depopulation plan.       Full transcript:   It’s March 23rd 2023and this is video 325.   For a long time I’ve hoped that each videoRead More

Putin: the US Did It – Historic Summit – Putin & Xi Set The Global Agenda

    Tremregi | 26 March 2023     Costas Isichos from Greece, Hendrik Weber from Norway, and Bruce Gagnon from the USA discuss Putin’s statement, “I agree with the conclusion of Sy Hersh;” details of the Summit: 14 major agreements, nuclear weapons, no militarization of space, and the Chinese 12 point peace plan.   Source:       The Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space

Who is ACTUALLY Running the White House?

    The Mel K Show | 15 March 2023     Susan Rice is a war criminal.   Source:

Gregory Mannarino w/ Mike Adams – warning of global FINANCIAL CONTAGION

    Health Ranger Report | 16 March 2023       Source:

MARGIN CALL! John Perez and Mike Adams cover SilverGate, Silicon Valley Bank COLLAPSES

        Health Ranger Report | 12 March 2023       – Details on the collapse of SVB (Silicon Valley Bank) – Why #contagion risk is very real and may spread fear to other banks – SVB focused on being “woke” instead of reducing risk – Why Silicon Valley does NOT deserve a taxpayer bailout – Huge bonuses paid to its employees right before collapse – Is a bailout coming? How it would cause yet more #inflationRead More

Richard Poe: Puppet Masters & Perception. Who Is In Control?

    The Mel K Show | 1 March 2023       Source:       Richard Poe website Richard Poe substack

Ray McGovern addresses the UN Security Council in support of Sy Hersh’s credibility and legacy

    Ray McGovern addressed the UN Security Council in support of Sy Hersh‘s credibility and legacy. His speech focused more on the lack of any strategic arms control treaties and danger of nuclear war. He appealed to the Council’s humanity and the need to “extend the hand” to try to understand each other, saying “let’s be human.” He also declared that the conflict in Ukraine was provoked by the US/NATO and collective West and decried the influence of NazisRead More

Mel K & Charles Cole – An Insider’s View of Russia Before the Fall

    The Mel K Show | 26 February 2023       Source:     Charles Cole   In Russian Wonderland: An American’s Odyssey in Soviet Russia  


    An Old Man in a Chair | 9 February 2023         Full transcript:   It is the 9th of February 2023 and this is my 321st video since the fake pandemic, the covid fraud and the designer war started and began us on our long journey into the new abnormal and the Great Reset.   This is, I believe, the most important video you will ever watch because it shows, without any reasonable doubt, thatRead More

Putin delivers address to Federal Assembly

    21 February 2023  

Italian Politician – A Man of Courage & A Friend of Crimea

    Tremregi | 19 February 2023       Stefan Valdegamberi is a popular Italian politician who has been outspoken against the war n Ukraine, the sanctions, and the Italian government. For this, he has been mocked and attacked in the media and forced to sell his minority share in a company doing business with an American company. He is a Friend of Crimea and Russia who has travelled to Crimea to meet with people and to find outRead More

Nord Stream I & II – Who Done It?

    Tremregi | 18 February 2023       John Hankey, an investigative filmmaker from Los Angeles talks about some omissions in Sy Hersh’s “Bombshell Report” and talks about who really benefits! It may surprise you. The Bank of London has been behind and is behind all major wars and events, including the pipeline blasts. What is Russia and China’s long-term strategy in not being provoked by the Bank of London’s US military battering-ram?     Source:

All-out Assault on Ukraine by Russia Before Spring?

    Tremregi | 7 February 2023       Very interesting exchange between Vladimir Kozin, Scott Ritter and Stanislav Krapivnik on whether Russia should finish this war now. Battlefield analysis: Ukraine/America/NATO have already lost this war. Russia is willing to take its time in grindi…   Source:

Sahra Wagenknecht – the German Left-Populist Drawing Support From the Right

    Sahra Wagenknecht interviewed by Glen Greenwald 30 January 2023     Source:         Sahra Wagenknecht: heroine of German left could become ally of far right The Guardian | 29 December 2022   She has been compared to iconic political figureheads such as Frida Kahlo and Rosa Luxemburg, as much for her strident leftwing views as for her striking looks.   Sahra Wagenknecht is a household name in Germany and the best-known figure on the far left. TheRead More

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