Catastrophe in Nagorno Karabakh – 100,500 Forced To Leave




Tremregi | 2 October 2023




Natalia Saghiyan with an update on the crisis in Armenia. 100,500 residents of Nagorno Karabakh – Artsakh – an independent republic – were force to leave their homes after millennia on this land. How can Armenia cope with so many? Armenia has become a flashpoint for the world with the following players competing for land and resources: Azerbaijan supported by Turkey, Israel and the USA. On the other hand, Iran supports Armenia. And then there is Russia a long-time friend and ally of Armenia. On the domestic side, Nikole Pashinyan, PM of Armenia, has to be concerned with this massive influx of displaced people who will soon turn their anger towards him for agreeing to hand over Artsakh, their home, to Azerbaijan. This conflict and crisis is far from over.