Was there a CCP Satellite Flying above Maui at the time of the Fires? – Yes




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Directed Energy Weapons, Specifically Laser Capabilties

What is the Ideal Laser Frequency to Cause Fires and damage to metal and biological materials?


Energy Range: Approximately 1.65 eV to 3 eV.

eV is “electron energy distribution”

Fires: Concentrated visible light, such as from focused sunlight or powerful lasers, can ignite flammable materials.

Metal Melting: Typical visible light doesn’t melt metals, but high-intensity lasers in the visible range can provide localized heating and melting.




Can a Satellite ignite a fire from space?


Here’s a simplified analysis, with variables that affect laser energy:

Atmospheric Absorption and Scattering: The Earth’s atmosphere will absorb and scatter some of the laser energy. Depending on the specific wavelength, certain parts of the electromagnetic spectrum can be absorbed by water vapor, carbon dioxide, and other atmospheric constituents. The laser would need to be in a wavelength range that minimizes this absorption and scattering. The longer the path through the atmosphere, the more significant this effect becomes.

Beam Divergence: The laser beam will spread out or diverge as it travels. A laser with a very small beam divergence is essential to ensure that the beam remains focused over the long distance from the satellite to the Earth’s surface. Advanced optics would be required.

Energy Intensity: To ignite a material, the laser’s energy intensity (energy per unit area) must be above a certain threshold. The type of material, its moisture content, and other factors will dictate the ignition energy required.

Laser Duration: Prolonged exposure would likely be needed, especially if the initial energy intensity is near the threshold for ignition. This would mean the satellite would need a way to keep the laser fixed on a single point for an extended period, which is challenging due to the satellite’s movement.




Was there a Satellite Flying above Maui at the time of the Fires?

Yes. NORAD tracks all space objects The Object in this Video is NORAD_ID=57288, known as “OBJECT A”, launched by the CCP



Source: https://www.misterrobots.com/lasers




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