Putin: the US Did It – Historic Summit – Putin & Xi Set The Global Agenda

    Tremregi | 26 March 2023     Costas Isichos from Greece, Hendrik Weber from Norway, and Bruce Gagnon from the USA discuss Putin’s statement, “I agree with the conclusion of Sy Hersh;” details of the Summit: 14 major agreements, nuclear weapons, no militarization of space, and the Chinese 12 point peace plan.   Source:       The Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space

Xi & Putin – Changing the World – The Historic Meeting in Moscow

    Tremregi | 24 March 2023       Valdimir Kozin and I discuss the many aspects of this historic meeting…deals, partnerships, peace plans, and the end of Pax Americana.     Source:

Lara Logan – Watch Ukraine & China, The Patriots Are Winning The 5th Generation War

    X22 Report | 16 January 2023       Lara Logan is an Award-winning investigative journalist. Lara begins the conversation talking about Ukraine and how Ukraine is [DS] base of operation, human trafficking and money laundering and many of other criminal activities takes place there. Zelensky is a puppet. The border crisis is not just a coincidence it is be directed by China. We are in a 5th generation war and the patriots are winning the narrative fight.Read More

Kay Rubacek exposes the truth about the cruelty, torture and pure EVIL of communism and the CCP

    Health Ranger Report | 28 October 2022       Source:         NOWHERE LEFT TO RUN by Kay Rubacek    

Tucker Carlson: World War Nancy

  2 August 2022       Tucker Carlson asks why Joe Biden, who has taken millions from the Chinese government, is sending Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan? Biden shutdown a counterespionage program to stop Chinese spying, dropped tariffs against Chinese goods, handed the US energy grid over to the Chinese government, and has seemingly been a Chinese agent operating in the White House. So why is Biden sending Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan?     Source:

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