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Mike Johnson, wartime Speaker. Elensky; No money, game over. Scholz wants Xi to stop Ukraine war

17 April 2024





Cameron hypocrisy. Ukraine-Russia Black Sea deal. Macron, Olympics truce. Little ditty, Jake & Biden

16 April 2024





Iran UNSC de-escalation. Biden calls Netanyahu. Bolton wants escalation. Vice Mayor greets Scholz

15 April 2024





Iran retaliates. Israel defence. Biden off-ramp. Ukraine power shortage. Germany bans Varoufakis

14 April 2024





Biden, Iran DON’T. Rubio quotes scripture. Istanbul-Plus, last chance for deal. Scholz blames Putin

13 April 2024





Nebenzya, prepare for Ukraine surrender. Elensky demands EU, NATO entry. IOC/EU prays to Saint Vovan

12 April 2024




Russia 10 to 1 ammo advantage. Elensky curse fails on Trump. Iran 48 hour attack. Biden warns Iran

11 April 2024





Cameron meets Trump. Russia claims Burisma links. Annalena, no more Patriots. Elensky, new offensive

10 April 2024





Mystery drones hit ZNPP. Yellen; China overcapacity, threatens sanctions. Lavrov, Friendship Games

9 April 2024





Medvedev, warns West henchmen. Macron, troops in Odessa. Cameron; UK-France entente to fight Russia

8 April 2024





Medvedev, no hiding for Macron. WSJ; Macron gets tough with Putin. Elensky needs 25 Patriots

7 April 2024





Iran retaliation coming? NYT: NO NATO for Ukraine. Blinken cope; China saved Russia from TATTERS

6 April 2024





NATO mission in Ukraine. Medvedev warns NATO. Biden warns Netanyahu. Macron, Russia targets Olympics

5 April 2024





Ukraine faces front line collapse. France Lecornu calls Shoigu. MTG to Tucker, Mike Johnson changed

4 April 2024





Stoltenberg $100B Trump proof NATO. Johnson, $8B REPO Act. Olympics spy on Russia. Scotland hate law

3 April 2024





Airstrike Iran consulate, WCKitchen. Drone reaches Tatarstan. Kharkov exodus. Siege of Crimea begins

2 April 2024





Turkey elections. Russia demands SBU extradition. Havana mystery solved. Putin Tinder trap

1 April 2024





Russia hits gas storage. $400M overexecuted. Paris Olympics, athletes not welcome. Macron biceps

31 March 2024





Elensky, ready to talk 2022 borders. Lavrov, Macron WW3 distraction. Ukraine, cancel Bulgakov

30 March 2024





Lavrov, cui bono? Elensky, Putin invade Kazakhstan, half Germany. Clinton, Obama, Biden; 500K ticket

29 March 2024





UNSC resolution, binding or non-binding?

28 March 2024





Putin; F16s will be destroyed, elite are the enemy. SBU gloats about ops in Russia. NATO not ready

28 March 2024





Trump, end the war. Ukraine demands Patriots. US angry with Macron. Putin inner circle leaks info

27 March 2024





Putin, we want to know who ordered attack. Patrushev, ISIS or Ukraine? Zircon hits SBU in Kiev

26 March 2024





Crocus terrorists, court appearance. WaPo, Putin is vulnerable. Macron beefs up personal security

25 March 2024





Terrorist photographed at Crocus on March 7. ‘Unprovoked’ narrative at risk. Elensky video in bunker

24 March 2024





Moscow, Crocus City Hall; 11 arrested, 4 terrorists captured. Medvedev, terrorists must be destroyed

23 March 2024





$1.2T spending bill. FAB-3000 mass production. Scholz; $50B Freedom Bonds. Ursula, EU war President

22 March 2024





Leo resigns. Jake in Kiev. Ukraine & Poland, one country. Scholz, Russia not strong. Macron workout

21 March 2024





French media wargaming 20K troops. Russia Intel, 2K French troops Ukraine. EU panic, keep war going

20 March 2024





Scholz, Putin is not legitimate President. Graham wants more mobilization. Michel, EU war economy

19 March 2024





Putin win squashes regime change dream. Latvia wants UK conscription. Huge NATO base in Romania

18 March 2024





Macron, Olympic ceasefire. WaPo, no men in villages. Biden upset with Orban. Niger ends US agreement

17 March 2024





Kirby, EU can send troops UKR without US. Latvia, RUS must be defeated. Scholz makes fool of Macron

16 March 2024





Macron; Russia must lose, Trump will lose, no red lines. Kharkov buffer zone. Pope in Josep’s garden

15 March 2024





TikTok ban. Macron’s wag the dog moment. Zakharova, NATO’s partition plan. Don Lemon Show

14 March 2024





Putin, vampire ball is ending. France leaked docs; Ukraine can’t win. Biden, Orban dictatorship

13 March 2024





US way behind Russia in shell production. Graham, loan $61B. Burns, hit Crimea. Boeing whistleblower

12 March 2024





Biden will not bow down to Putin. Macron, no red lines with Russia. Ursula, right/left extremists

8 March 2024





Tank graveyard. Elensky & Mitsotakis in Odessa. Ukraine 2024 strike force. Nuland Street in Kiev

7 March 2024





Game over Nikki. Nuland resigns. Small town girl with a big dream. Macron to EU, stop being cowards

6 March 2024





Trump 9-0. Medvedev map. EU snubs Lavrov. Kallas, Russian breakfast eater. 1234 password

5 March 2024





Nikki wins DC! Germany blames Putin, Russia hybrid attack. New $66B Ukraine package. SU-34 receipts

4 March 2024





Gaza airdrop. WSJ, Putin’s not so punishing terms. Ukraine summer collapse. Price of victory

3 March 2024





Sunak meltdown. Macron WW3 tripwire. German Crimea bridge audio, cui bono? Biden, Giorgia on my mind

2 March 2024





Galloway wins. Kallas, not afraid of Russia. UK battle plans. Putin, global majority. Big guy pie

1 March 2024





McConnell resigns. Russia direct threat to France. Transnistria protection. Meloni wanted to meet MJ

29 February 2024





Scholz & Macron fight. FT, Western forces in Ukraine. Elensky road trip. Biden loses to uncommitted

28 February 2024





Macron, war with Russia. Eurobonds, taxes & EU army. Germany, secret ammo deal with India. Hero 360

27 February 20204





Elensky 31K. NYT, Ukraine’s secret CIA spy bunkers. Bolsonaro protests. Annalena escapes drone

26 February 2024





Nasty surprises, asymmetric war. Nikki loses. Meloni, Elensky No.5. Annalena, sanctions don’t work

25 February 2024





Macron runs. 2025 counteroffensive. Boris back in Kiev. Putin can be defeated. Poland snubs Ukraine

24 February 2024





Biden; Putin crazy SOB, meets Yolanda. Ten lawyers endorse asset theft. Armenia suspends CSTO

23 February 2024





Athens protests. Ukraine can’t maintain US weapons. Medvedev warns NATO/F16s. KGB punch to heart

22 February 2024





Krynki captured. Pelosi, Putin top 4 evil people. Farmers; Putin help us. Tucker, Boris wants $1M

21 February 2024





Assange. Avdeyevka losses. Gazprom TATTERS. Borrell demands investigation. Nikki X disaster

20 February 2024





Lindsey wants to punish Russia. Denmark, all ammo to Ukraine. Ursula, EU 2nd term. Bono, say Navalny

19 February 2024





Munich Freedom Night. Drink to defeat Putin. Avdeyevka anger. Elensky invites Trump to frontline

18 February 2024





Cui bono? Not Putin. Avdeyevka falls. Lavrov, EU aims at Russia’s heart. Scholz-Elensky 10 year deal

17 February 2024





Avdeyevka cope. EU/UK 1M drone plan. Ursula; spend more, spend European. Rename Avdeevka to Prague

16 February 2024





Tucker, Moscow grocery shopping. Russia, nukes in space. Five Eyes targeted Trump. Putin picks Biden

15 February 2024





Senate warns Putin, Xi. Syrsky, defense plan. EU needs nukes. Mediazona, Kallas & Russia wanted list

14 February 2024





Romney, Ukraine most important. Kamala, ready to serve. EU war economy. Kallas wanted by Russia

13 February 2024





Senate; $61B to Ukraine, damage Trump. Syrsky, elite units to Avdiivka. Orban, Ukraine buffer zone

12 February 2024





Trump; No money, no NATO protection. EU leaders threatened Orban. Boris, don’t believe Tucker

11 February 2024





Boris, Trudeau, Scholz meltdown. Biden, $61B criminal neglect. Syrsky, hold on to Avdiivka

10 February 2024





Putin and Tucker. Biden, Sisi President of Mexico. Zaluzhny finally fired. Elensky goes with Syrsky

9 February 2024





Hillary, Tucker is a useful idiot. EU travel ban. Poroshenko-Zaluzhny

8 February 2024





MSM angry with Tucker. Biden, Ukraine in dire straits. Nikki loses to none of these candidates

7 February 2024





Give $60B or US fights Russia. New frozen asset plan. Putin-Tucker freak out. Biden & Mitterrand

6 February 2024





Johnson, Senate $118B dead on arrival. Germany-Ukraine security deal. Unlocking your inner Elensky

5 February 2024





Tucker at Bolshoi. Timoshenko smells Elensky weakness. US/UK strike Yemen. Farmers protests grow

4 February 2024





US strikes Iran in Iraq & Syria. Putin will invade Balkans. Elensky wants $1T. Finland cancels Repin

3 February 2024





Lloyd Austin, Empire Strikes Back. Ivanovet hit. €EU 50B to Ukraine. Farmers protest at EU HQ

2 February 2024





CNN, Zaluzhny out. Nuland, Mr. Putin surprise. Putin, expand demilitarized zone. Macron gala dinner

1 February 2024





Zaluzhny refuses to go. Elensky weakened. Borrell; no truce, more weapons. Blockade hits Paris

31 January 2024





Elensky fails to fire Zaluzhny. 880K UKR army. Politico, big Iran strike. Pelosi, go back to China

30 January 2024





Pelosi, Putin controls protestors. Graham, hit Iran. EU, destroy Hungary economy. Paris under siege

29 January 2024





Trump disses NATO. Australia, UK; prepare for WW3. REPO Russian assets. US stops funding UNRWA

28 January 2024





Boris ready for duty. Biden links border to war funding. Ukraine 2024 strategy; build Surovikin Line

27 January 2024





ICJ. Trudeau, Tucker is Putin apologist. Biden warns Texas. IL-76 cui bono? Hillary, Barbie Kenough

26 January 2024





IL-76, trouble for Elensky. UK citizen army to fight Russia. Texas, Abbott v Biden. Maersk retreat

25 January 2024





Kari Lake rejects AZ GOP bribe. Budanov in charge, capital Lviv. Hungary FM Szijjarto, death threat

24 January  2024





US/UK, Yemen air strikes. Elensky, 6 Russian regions decree. Tusk in Kiev. Churchill origin story

23 January 2024





Budanov promotion? Klitschko, autocrat Elensky. EU, $22B weapons scheme. Hot Houthi pirate canceled

22 January 2024





Al-Asad Iraq airbase attack. Drone strike, Russia gas terminal. Fico says NO to Ukraine NATO

21 January 2024





Ukraine funding fears Trump. 2025 counter-offensive. France Kharkov debacle. Elensky invites Trump

20 January 2024





Ukraine-Border deal confidence grows. Newsweek, how did Russia win? Putin fishing war. EU dream team

19 January 2024





Iran v Pakistan. Elensky, China Premier is not my equal. Macron, Russia must lose. Hot Houthi pirate

18 January 2024





Davos 2024 circus; Ursula, Stoltenberg. Elensky WEF, prison for Putin family. Slovakia, Slavs unite

17 January 2024





Davos peace talks without Russia. $300B reparation bonds. Austin goes home. Iran strikes Erbil

16 January 2024





Germany, path to conflict with Russia. NATO needs Ukraine. Elensky to Davos. Biden upset with Bibi

15 January 2024





Taiwan elections. Cameron, mastermind behind Yemen. Poland Morawiecki, Russia outflanked us

14 January 2024





Gonzalo Lira. Lagarde, Trump threat to EU. Sunak, as long as it takes. Medvedev warns UK

13 January 2024





US, UK strike Yemen. Biden pushes $300B asset seize. Poland, Tusk vs Duda. Elensky No. 5

12 January 2024





Elensky Baltic tour, end The Putin. Hunter crashes Congress hearing. ICJ case gains momentum

11 January 2024





Macron replacement chosen. EU, cancel Hungary vote. Cameron, UK must outlast Putin. Ecuador chaos

10 January 2024





Germany protests. WSJ, Poland hiding Nord Stream info. Elenksy, Crimea counter-counteroffensive

9 January 2024





Blinken clueless about Austin. F16s to capture Crimea. Italy wants EU army. Israel 2nd front problem

8 January 2024





Biden, ‘I understand power.’ Haley, The Putin will invade Poland. UK will punish N. Korea

7 January 2024




Major Volodymyr destroys Kinzhals. Orban EU takeover. Pentagon surgery secret. China water missiles

6 January 2024





Kirby, Russia using N. Korea missiles. Zaluzhny; I need soldiers. US prepares for wider M.E. war

5 January 2024





Terror attack hits Iran. 10 countries warn Yemen. Wonder weapon long range missiles. RIP Star Wars

4 January 2024





Bild, Scholz resign in 2024. Macron, invest in Ukraine MIC. Lithuania PM, sad The Putin is winning

3 January 2024





Elensky, The Putin animal he will eat you. UK weapons stockpiles empty. South Korea’s Trump attacked

2 January 2024





UK final warning to Yemen. Ukraine shells Donetsk. Russia hunts Kraken. Bankman-Fried, no 2nd trial

1 January 2024





Belgorod. Biden says US will fight Russia. Russia hits Kharkov. Vucic, Serbia will stay independent

31 December 2023





Mystery missile over Poland. Elensky curse in Avdeyevka. Euromaidan in Serbia. Bolton, attack Iran

30 December 2023





Graham, blow it off the map. Russian asset steal Feb 2024. Netherlands, prepare for war with Russia

29 December 2023





Defense; New Ukraine strategy. Duping Russia into armistice. Medvedev includes Kiev in prediction

28 December 2023




Zaluzhny, Maryinka retreat. Newsweek, game-changing F-16. EU Plan B, €20B debt to fund Ukraine

27 December 2023





Marinka captured. Crimea landing ship distraction. Ukraine F16 teaser. EU-Serbia election trick

26 December 2023





Serbia color revolution. Russian intel warned Belgrade. Borrell, Russia not a nation. Festivus $900B

25 December 2023





Yemen ceasefire. NYT, The Putin wants a freeze. Stoltenberg declares victory. Germany Elensky tax

24 December 2023





Haley exposes The Putin birthday plot. Borrell, EU garden in danger. Milei, shock therapy protests

22 December 2023





Yemen, Russian ships can pass. Blinken, no Magic Pot for Ukraine. Macron, D-Day invite to The Putin

21 December 2023





Putin, no interest in West Ukraine. Elensky, US will not betray us. Colorado removes Trump

20 December 2023





US prepares Yemen conflict. FT, Ukraine theory of victory. EU goes after X. Tucker, NO to VP Haley

19 December 2023





Serbia elections. Zaluzhny wiretap. NYT, The Putin bought Heineken for $1

18 December 2023





Red Sea Operation Prosperity Guardian. Ukraine new plan, 2nd counteroffensive. NYT, people snatchers

17 December 2023





CNN; Ukraine failure, US & EU to blame. Macron tells Putin, you have my number. Red Sea cargo fears

16 December 2023




EU, YES for Ukraine & Moldova. Orban abstains. Scholz the hero. Putin 4 hour Q & A, hints Odessa

15 December 2023





Impeachment probe. Ursula wants VICTORY. 90% Russian army in TATTERS. Elensky reveals Orban question

14 December 2023





Elensky gets $200M military aid. Ukraine, as long as we can. Milei 360. CNN, 87% Russia troops lost

13 December 2023





Tusk, Poland PM. EU, Russia asset steal. US General to Kiev, avoid defeat. China, enough is enough

12 December 2023





Elensky hugs Milei, confronts Orban, travels to meet Biden. MTG, Gaetz, Vance; no money to Ukraine

11 December 2023





Alex on X. Tucker & Gonzalo. Challenger tanks, A NEW HOPE. Scholz saved Germany from The Putin

10 December 2023





US votes against ceasefire. Trump Jr, Ukraine lost war. 3 step plan to defeat Russia. MBS snubs UK

9 December 2023





The Putin 2024. Pay oligarchs or fight Russia. TATTERS 3.5% growth. Blinken stiff neck

8 December 2023





Like Epstein-Barr and Herpesviruses, is this pathogen also exacerbated by SARS-CoV-2 and its Spike Protein?

7 December 2023





Elensky cancels Senate, walk & talk Kiev. Germany not UKR ally. Ursula warns Xi, we have tools

6 December 2023





No magical pot. WaPo; Ukraine losing, blame game begins. The Putin, Macron, Elensky; Rizz score

5 December 2023





Austin, strategic defeat. $50B to MIC, jobs in USA. NATO, bad news, Arestovich, coup Maidan 3

4 December 2023





Germany sad, The Putin happy. Klitschko turns on Elensky. Macron, war to last 10 years. Melodi

3 December 2023





Putin, 2M Russian army. Elensky breakdance. Russia-Ukraine secret NATO deal. Netanyahu long war

2 December 2023





Blinken, Israel needs a plan. Bulgaria blocks Zakharova. Ukraine on defense. THE PUTIN winning

1 December 2023





Kissinger. Musk, Hey Bob. NATO snubs Ukraine. Russia, huge stockpile. Annalena straight-talker

30 November 2023





Kiev poisoning. EU is paradise. Populist war fatigue. Elensky dreamer of the year

29 November 2023





Musk visits Netanyahu. Ukraine security guarantees. Elgin Marbles. Witch of Ukraine wants $82K

28 November 2023





Putin sleeper spies. Zaluzhny must resign. Pentagon wants tanks back. Netanayhu two-front war

27 November 2023





Putin asylum Finland. Russian advance, Adveyevka. Bundeswehr, Russian attack. Nigeria BRICS

26 November 2023





Russia wanted to end war. Boris, just continue fighting. Trudeau, blame Ukraine on MAGA

25 November 2023





Dublin protests. German-American Ukraine Plan. NATO Schengen. Penn, reverse Elensky curse

24 November 2023





Wilders wins. Orban, winds of change. Biden secret cell Gaza deal. Nord Stream state terrorism

23 November 2023





Gaza 4 day ceasefire. The Sun, Putin tried to kill me 5 times. Shoigu, 13.7K November losses

22 November 2023





$100M Ukraine sedative pill. Kiev gloom, Ukraine fatigue, the c-word & Trump fear. Finland wall

21 November 2023





Milei wins Argentina election. Biden, wisdom over age. Ukraine warns Hungary, sanction Russia

20 November 2023





Biden, US will challenge Putin. CNN, Ukraine needs troops. EU military psychosis and Fortnite

19 November 2023





Battle for Avdeyevka Coke Plant. Elensky uncovers Maidan 3 coup. Germans beware Putin comedians

18 November 2023





Burns in Kiev. Imagine US money stops. Avdeyevka-Elensky crisis. WSJ, Ukraine magical thinking

17 November 2023





Blinken’s reaction, priceless. Biden calls Xi a dictator. Trudeau warns Israel. Cameron in Kiev

16 November 2023





Economist, World Ahead 2024. Xi in SF. Oil price cap fails. Pompeo, Kiev Telco job. Kallas NATO

15 November 2023





Cameron 2.0. Annalena warns Putin, winter umbrella. Ukraine Korea miracle. Freeze Russia out

14 November 2023





New plan; invade Russia, win war. Elensky, call Trump get money. Netanyahu wants Tony Blair

13 November 2023





Nord Stream coordinator caught. Macron, next month will decide war. Arab League split on Gaza

12 November 2023





Macron vs Netanyahu. EU running out of ammo, €50B loan to Elensky. Orban, US blocked peace deal

11 November 2023





Arab world warns Biden. Sanchez amnesty deal. US will kill Russian LNG. Elensky, dogs are funny

10 November 2023





Vivek, comedian in cargo pants. Ukraine/Moldova enter EU. REPO Russian assets. US-Syria tripwire

9 November 22023





3 day fighting pause. Russia solves ATACMS. Don’t touch Zaluzhny. Elensky curse hits Portugal

8 November 2023





Blinken denied hug/kiss. Ursula 5 principles for Gaza. Elensky no elections. Kuleba no stealing

7 November 2023





Stalemate Ukraine, shift in strategy. Blinken warns Iran, don’t do it. I have a lot of powder

6 November 2023





Ursula in Kiev, Ukraine to enter EU. Protests DC, anger at Biden. Arestovich, I lied about war

5 November 2023





US/EU float negotiations with Russia. Elensky ready to visit Israel. Croatia FM kisses Annalena

4 November 2023





Bibi albatross around Biden’s neck. Avdeevka set to fall. Arestovich, talk to Russia. Cuba vote

3 November 2023





Zaluzhny, Ukraine military parity with Russia. Biden wants Netanyahu gone. Meloni prank

2 November 2023





Blinken, peacekeepers in Gaza. Houthis war. Jabalia refugee camp. Austin, $44B for Ukraine

1 November 2023





Gaza encirclement. EU approves asset theft. TIME, Elensky is delusional. Russia No.1 military

31 October 2023





IDF scales back operation. Dagestan airport PSYOP. Kiev ends gas transit. Scholz Nigeria stream

30 October 2023





US isolated in UN. Starlink in Gaza. Malta, Ukraine peace summit. Light vs Darkness

29 October 2023





IDF expanding operations. UN, 14 votes against ceasefire. EU downgrades Ukraine, €53B blocked

28 October 2023





Orban, peace strategy. US airstrikes Syria. Canada at war Russia & China. Boris think tank job

27 October 2023





US massive military buildup. Biden threatens Iran. EU visa for Russians to overthrow Putin

25 October 2023





Borrell, don’t forget about Ukraine. Elensky, 500 meters a day. Orban, EU bad parody of USSR

25 October 2023





Haley demands UN Guterres resign. Macron’s plan to fight Hamas. Elensky delusions of grandeur

24 October 2023





McConnell, Axis of Evil. Blinken, Hamas-Putin threat. Milei-Massa run-off. Swiss Green collapse

23 October 2023





Biden, we need a new world order. EU angry with Ursula. China, six warships to Middle East

22 October 2023





3 phase war, interim government. Lavrov, US has satellite images. Annalena warns Middle East

21 October 2023





Biden; Smart investment, 2 wars, Putin must not win. $60B UKR. Shells to Israel. St. Porphyrius

20 October 2023





Blinken lurks, Biden trusts Pentagon data. Putin, Kinzhal patrol Black Sea. Kallas triple hypocrisy

19 October 2023





Biden; the other team, not you. ATACMS in Ukraine, prolongs agony. Putin and Orban in China

18 October 2023





Yellen, US can support 2 wars. Biden to Israel. Putin talks to Netanyahu. Second front concerns

17 October 2023





Poland, Tusk 2ND place win. EU split on Gaza. Biden, put Putin down. Ukraine, hard to get money

16 October 2023





Weather delay. China calls for ceasefire. Iran warns Israel/US. Arestovich, Elensky must go

15 October 2023





Israel, ground operation prepared. Putin, Russia ready to mediate. Boris, I am a Russophile

14 October 2023





24-hour evacuation. Budanov, counteroffensive over. EU, €1.7B to Ukraine. The Hill blames Putin

13 October 2023





Elensky solidarity tour. IMF, UKR raise taxes. NYT, Russian economy beats US/EU. Gaza corridor

12 October 2023





EU warns X. Finland pipeline sabotage. Budanov, UKR attacked ZNPP. Russia sends US weapons

11 October 2023





The war to end all wars. AP, Egypt warned Israel. Medvedev, Kiev black market. Kirby cries

10 October 2023





EU/UK swap out Ukraine flag. Haaretz blames Bibi. Iran denies involvement. Neocons want war

9 October 2023





Israel long war. Saudi-US deal in jeopardy. Breaking BRICS+. $100B to Ukraine, one-and-done

8 October 2023





Netanyahu, we are at war. Elensky, not a single dollar stolen. Hillary, deprogram Trump cult

7 October 2023





Putin Valdai; Odessa, NS2, Prigozhin. Politico, Ukraine freaking out. Orban, EU is 1984

6 October 2023





Pentagon sends Iran weapons to Ukraine. NYT, Russia cedes ground & strikes. Zelenska not happy

5 October 2023





Gaetz makes history. Elensky curse hits McCarthy. EU makes offer to Orban. West out of weapon

4 October 2023





Annalena, Lisbon to Luhansk. Politico, USSR WW2 not so simple. Ukraine corruption secret doc

3 October 2023





Graham, $70B to Ukraine. Slovakia, EU cries Russia. Wallace, mobilize youths. Halfwits push WW3

2 October 2023





Elensky, 45 days to get money. Shapps, Royal Navy & boots in UKR. Medvedev, more regions

1 October 2023





US shutdown over Ukraine. Blinken’s turn to rewrite history. Russia isolated by Latin America

30 September 2023





Stoltenberg surprises Elensky. NYT, offensive stalemate. BBC simps for Trudeau. EU Fico fear

29 September 2023





No apology to Russia. Poroshenko strikes again. UKR asked to hit Iran, Syria. Rock star Blinken

28 September 2023





Elensky curse hits Rota. US cuts Ukraine aid. Menendez, Turkey F16s & Sweden. G20 Trudeau high

27 September 2023





Rota takes the fall. Trudeau pivots to Russia. Power in Armenia. Abrams in Ukraine. Lowercase russia

26 September 2023





Russia retaliates for Black Sea. Canada MPs blame Putin. France leaves Niger. Armenian exodus

25 September 2023





Trudeau, $9B Ukraine. Lavrov, empire of lies. Leopard, Bundeswehr inside? Poland TikTok trend

24 September 2023





Trudeau, $650M to Elensky. Black Sea HQ strike. Bakhmut, Tokmak on foot. Lavrov-Szijjarto meet

23 September 2023





Elensky speaks to Zelensky. McConnell, UKR money to deter China. Zaluzhny offensive scapegoat

22 September 2023





Poland; No more weapons, Ukraine drowning man. Elensky refuses freeze. Assad in China

21 September 2023





JD Vance, Gonzalo hostage. Elensky, UN panic. Pashinyan green T. Duda-Elensky bromance ends

20 September 2023





Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict escalation. Trudeau accuses India. Brand cancelled

19 September 2023





NYT, truth about missile strike. Scholz backs Annalena, Xi comment. Clintons to help Ukraine

19 September 2023





Find my F35. Elensky, why does Russia vote Putin? Long, limited war. Is a pencil strong or weak?

18 September 2023





Lavrov, US waging war. WSJ, counter offensive rain delay. Sahel alliance. Kadyrov alive

17 Septe,ber 2023





Annalena, Xi dictator. Orban, EU grain deal lie. US 100K ammo/month. Obama wants to help Libya

16 September 2023





US trip for Elensky. ATACMS, $24B for Ukraine. Biden Cafe Milano. Kim Jong Un, peacemaker list

15 September 2023





Ursula, China cars in TATTERS. Russia NOT running out of weapons. Penn, melt Oscars for Elensky

14 September 2023





Ukraine hits Sevastopol. Putin in Vladivostok, meets Kim Jong Un. Podolyak offends India, China

13 September 2023





Medvedev, EU spit in the face Politico, Ukraine very corrupt Biden

12 September 2023





Blinken, Boris, now Baerbock to Kiev. Milley, glass half full. USA Today, UKR in deep trouble

11 September 2023





Putin, Lavrov G20 win. Pirate Scholz stole G20 show. UN SWIFT offer to trick Russia. Dr. BoJo

10 September 2023





Musk stopped Starlink act of war. Spain €3,400 to fight Russia. Dancing Queen joins Tony Blair

8 September 2023





BBC, dramatic rise UKR losses. Scholz to Macron, why is Putin silent? Germany-Greece tank deal

29 August 2023





Greece, Tor-M1 to Ukraine. Niger, France leave. Putin, no G20. Annalena, washing machines chips.

26 August 2023





Prigozhin plane crash, cui bono? Trump-Tucker 100M views. Ukraine out of men. BRICS grows.

24 August 2023









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