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    Support Alex @ The Duran     Like Epstein-Barr and Herpesviruses, is this pathogen also exacerbated by SARS-CoV-2 and its Spike Protein? 7 December 2023         Elensky cancels Senate, walk & talk Kiev. Germany not UKR ally. Ursula warns Xi, we have tools 6 December 2023         No magical pot. WaPo; Ukraine losing, blame game begins. The Putin, Macron, Elensky; Rizz score 5 December 2023         Austin, strategicRead More

Dean Henderson: Middle East Israel Gaza, U.S. And The Crown Involvement

      Project Camelot | 22 November 2023       Source:

Psychopaths Govern This World

      The Crowhouse | 22 November 2023         Source:

Maria Zeee interviews Mike Adams on Israel, Gaza, vaccine genocide…

      Health Ranger Report | 22 November 2023       Source:


    TheCrowhouse | 7 November 2023         Source:

Escalations Cannot Be Stopped – The White House Is Rattled; Escalations Might All Fuse Into ‘One’

      Strategic Culture Foundation | 26 October 2023   By Alastair Crooke   Should Israel enter Gaza (and Israel may decide it has no choice but to launch a ground operation, given the domestic political dynamics and public sentiment), it is likely that Hizbullah will incrementally be drawn further in, leaving the U.S. with the binary option of seeing Israel defeated, or launching a major war in which all the hotspots become fused ‘as one’.      Read More

Efrat Fenigson – Israel-Hamas War: An update & the tough questions

      8 October 2023         7 October 2023       This is Efrat Fenigson and I’m here to share an update from Israel-Hamas War which started this morning. I’m going to share some key details and concerns, mostly based on Israeli citizens’ voices from the ground, and on official statements. This is a very tough day for me and for us in Israel. It is tough for people of Palestine too, especially now thatRead More