Israel’s 9/11 Is A False Flag – The Hidden Hands Behind It And Their Plan




Tremregi | 17 October 2023




There can be no doubt that Israel and Hamas are one and the same, both funded by the Satanic, evil money changers. Same with every war, every conflict around the world, including Ukraine. Their plan is to create so much murder, chaos, instability, and fear that we will beg for them to save us. World subjugation and domination is their grand solution (illusion), a one world government. Go read Klaus Schwab’s WEF website. The plan is out there in the open for all to see.


Their methods are lying, deception, fear, and chaos. They are designed to control our personal and collective minds. They have implanted the “liberal values and ideas” across western societies, in all of the churches and religions, and within our governing bodies with the intent to destroy our basic humanity and human values.


This is the primordial fight of good against evil. If enough people don’t wake up and just say “NO” to evil, we a condemned to a life of slavery. The Scriptures call this Hell.


A video by David Icke on what is really happening in Israel.





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