The Hitler … or Obama Youth

    It’s Getting Harder to Tell the Difference   Badlands Media | 3 November 2023   By Erik Carlson     Let me preface this article by saying I understand the readers all have different beliefs about what is real and what is not real in the Israel/Hamas conflict. Some believe no one has been killed and it is all fake. Some believe all of it is real. Others believe some of it is real and some is propaganda.Read More

Escalations Cannot Be Stopped – The White House Is Rattled; Escalations Might All Fuse Into ‘One’

      Strategic Culture Foundation | 26 October 2023   By Alastair Crooke   Should Israel enter Gaza (and Israel may decide it has no choice but to launch a ground operation, given the domestic political dynamics and public sentiment), it is likely that Hizbullah will incrementally be drawn further in, leaving the U.S. with the binary option of seeing Israel defeated, or launching a major war in which all the hotspots become fused ‘as one’.      Read More

Mike Adams w/ Major Jeffrey Prather – Analysis of Middle East escalation to WORLD WAR

      Health Ranger Report | 26 October 2023       Source: https://www.brighteon.com/d24a9754-7241-4dde-85a9-10e704c59cae

Tucker interviews Col. Douglas Macgregor on pending war with Iran

      23 October 2023         How to avoid World War III 19 October 2023         Tucker interviews Colonel Douglas Macgregor 21 August 2023     Into the abyss: Colonel Douglas Macgregor tells us why the Ukraine war must end now         Source: https://tuckercarlson.com/

Ilan Pappe: There is still time to stop the Gaza genocide

      Frank Barat | 15 October       I spoke today to Israeli historian Ilan Pappé, author of many books, including “The ethnic cleansing of Palestine” about the current situation in Gaza and in Israel.   From the surprise he felt when he first heard of the Hamas attack, and its scale, to the current Israeli army operation, via the need for the people of the world to do everything they can stop a massacre from happening.Read More

Israel Is Isis – Isis Is Bolshevik

      The Crowhouse | 17 October 2023       Source: https://www.bitchute.com/video/XhbQkXqqn31F/

Truth About The Rulers Of The Darkness — Harley Schlanger

      SGT Report | 17 October 2023       Source: https://www.bitchute.com/video/MgZT79klE6ZD/

Israel’s 9/11 Is A False Flag – The Hidden Hands Behind It And Their Plan

      Tremregi | 17 October 2023       There can be no doubt that Israel and Hamas are one and the same, both funded by the Satanic, evil money changers. Same with every war, every conflict around the world, including Ukraine. Their plan is to create so much murder, chaos, instability, and fear that we will beg for them to save us. World subjugation and domination is their grand solution (illusion), a one world government. Go readRead More

There Is No Such Thing As ‘Palestinians’

    PJ MEDIA | 14 October 2023   By Rabbi Michael Barclay   (This column is Part 1 of a series of articles explaining the fallacies that have led to the world’s leftists supporting Palestine, Gaza, and Hamas’ horrors.)   The patterns of the anti-Semitic/Marxist/”Palestinian”/LGBTQ/BLM/hate-filled alliance are nothing if not predictable. After expressing shock and dismay that their Palestinian friends in Gaza specifically targeted civilians, in under a week, they have quickly shifted back to their repeated old rhetoric.Read More

How Could Israeli Intelligence Miss the Hamas Invasion Plans?

      CSIS | 11 October 2023   An intelligence failure is like a plane crash: it is never just one thing that goes wrong, it is instead a series of things that add up to a disaster. Hamas pulled off a complex, multifront assault on October 7—the kind of coordinated attack that takes months to plan and execute. Moreover, tens if not hundreds of Hamas militants were involved in the combination air, land, sea, and rocket assault, suggesting thatRead More

Women, Children … and Terror

    Who’s Pulling the Strings in the Middle East?   Badlands Media | 13 October 2023   By Erik Carlson       Source: https://badlands.substack.com/p/women-children-and-terror

Martin Armstrong warns: Terror attack on Israel…

      Health Ranger Report | 12 October 2023       Martin Armstrong warns: Terror attack on Israel a joint intelligence operation to draw RUSSIA into World War III     Source: https://www.brighteon.com/2ad19673-955c-4644-8e35-4e21f32e1fc6           More Evidence Hamas is Targeting Civilians on Both Sides   Posted Oct 13, 2023 by Martin Armstrong   Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) are prohibiting Gaza residents from leaving. Israel has provided evacuation notices and warned civilians to flee,Read More

Israel & B L O O D M O N E Y — Bix Weir

    SGT Report | 10 October 2023       Source: https://www.bitchute.com/video/emyuL8Z9yudq/

Efrat Fenigson – Israel-Hamas War: An update & the tough questions

      8 October 2023         7 October 2023       This is Efrat Fenigson and I’m here to share an update from Israel-Hamas War which started this morning. I’m going to share some key details and concerns, mostly based on Israeli citizens’ voices from the ground, and on official statements. This is a very tough day for me and for us in Israel. It is tough for people of Palestine too, especially now thatRead More

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