The numbers game

Vaccinations in Spain as at 7/5/2021

Total population: 43.77 million Total doses delivered: 21,092,475 Of which: Pfizer                    13,647,075 AstraZeneca         5,397,000 Moderna               1,776,000 Johnson                    272,400   People with one dose: 12,966, 552 (27.3% of population) People with two doses: 5,696,827 (12.0% of population) Doses delivered, pending: 2,429,096 (mainly AstraZeneca, on hold)

The Numbers Game in Spain

31 August 2020 Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, governments and a controlled mainstream press have been bombarding us with numbers. Further analysis though shows that these numbers have been seriously manipulated or distorted, presumably to exaggerate the situation, keep the population in constant fear, and enable governments to implement their restrictive measures and generally do as they like without opposition. Here in Spain this is particularly the case, with the figures that are being released inconsistent, incomprehensible, and incomplete. Positive casesRead More

Death per million

Deaths v Cases

During the lockdown, they recorded deaths from many different causes as COVID (peak in March).Now they are showing RT-PCR positive cases in the same graph and pretending that there is a second wave as hardly anyone is dying from COVID any more.

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