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Asha Logos | 12 April 2024




As the foundational edifice our forefathers built degrades and collapses all around us, it’s never been more important to both learn to discern the dark from the light, and to *find your tribe*.. to reject this powerless and passive victim mentality, as if we have no options or agency, and find ways to help create or support parallel structure – parallel culture (art, music, entertainment, literature, philosophy and ideology), parallel groups and clubs, institutions and businesses and communities.. ultimately, parallel ways of living.


Of course all such efforts start small – this is a given.
Yet, if what results becomes attractive and compelling, if we’re able to gradually create alternatives that are obviously superior to the corruption and decay we’re seeing and experiencing all around us, others will eventually flock to these solutions, and enthusiastically lend a hand to this creation process.


I’m of the belief (and I think I’m far from alone here) that the corruption has burrowed so deeply, and become so all-pervasive, that using our time and energy to win conventional political battles or fight the most trendy and superficial culture wars is a mistake, and a waste. when you wake to the reality that much of all we see around us is now pure theater, and essentially ‘rigged’, designed to distract, disorient, and dissipate vital energies, the solution isn’t to continue to play theatrical games.. at some point we need to be willing to step off of this stage, leave this artifice and deception behind, and seek to create something real in its stead.


Not merely as an ‘escape’, but as a means to help create and cultivate healthier people, to better fight (and more clearly understand) the inevitable battles ahead. I’d suggest we’re being subtly poisoned in a multitude of ways we don’t yet fully recognize.. and that this poison is causing us to increasingly lead desperate and broken half-lives. We’ve allowed sick men to become our storytellers and narrative creators and authors of prevailing culture.. and as inevitable result, we’ve grown sick. Yet, none of this is irreversible.


Find those you most resonate with, form genuine bonds, and work together to create the new.. create pockets of health that might be networked and allied to create something significant.


None of this is impossible.. and the process has now already begun, in earnest – seek to play a part.





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