Trump 2022?


By Clandestine | 29 August 2022



Trump has escalated the 2020 fraud situation with his statement today on Truth Social. Trump is now hinting at the possibility of having a new election.

Myself and many others flirted with this idea as a possible remedy to fraud in the 2020 election. I discussed this possibility with Zak Paine, Scott Anderson, and Congressman J.R. Majewski a few months back, and I deferred for the time being, as there is no legal precedent or Amendment to the Constitution that addresses a recall to a Presidential election.

We are barreling forward into uncharted waters, but Trump just gave us a massive hint with his truth today. Which begs the question, how hard would it be to slap Trump and Biden’s name on the 2022 midterm ballot? It’s already a highly anticipated federal election. It’s certainly feasible.

This would explain why Trump has been rallying like he’s on the campaign trail. It would explain why he’s still acting Presidential, and why he hasn’t declared he’s running in 2024. It certainly FEELS like Trump intends to be back sooner than 2024, and it looks like he just revealed his avenue(s) to make that happen.

I thought the most direct path would be to win the midterms with filibuster-proof supermajorities, rendering the Dems useless, appoint Trump as Speaker, impeach Biden and Harris, and Trump is President. Trump denied this as a possibility, and now, I see why. The normies have to be shown just how much the nation TRULY supports Donald Trump.

Why? Humans are extremely susceptible to group-think and mob-mentality. We have the innate drive to “belong” in the group out of the innate FEAR of being ostracized. Thus why the leftist sheep feel so justified in discriminating and hating Trump supporters. Because the media has conditioned them to believe “everyone is doing it”. The sheep don’t know what they are doing, they are just doing what they think they are supposed to be doing.

However, when the tide turns, and the public not only see that not only there really was fraud, but they see the amount of people who legitimately voted for Trump, the sheep will psychologically malfunction. They will have to accept that they are not the majority they believed themselves to be. And when confronted with the reality that “everyone is supporting Trump”, many will ditch their Ukraine and BLM flags, purely as a means to “belong” to the group.

Yes there will still be the unfortunate 4-6% who never recover from their brainwashing, and refuse to accept reality forever. But largely, redoing the 2020 presidential election would wake up the normies en masse, and give them the psychological and social “freedom” to entertain the reality that Trump is not what the media portrayed him to be. A large percentage of people agree with Trump’s policies but are afraid to openly support him, or even consider doing so, due to fear of backlash or ostracism.

This election would relieve that social pressure and massively alter group-think and the significantly diminish any remaining power the media would have over the masses. Their only power lies in controlling group-think. How can they convince the sheep that “everyone hates Trump” if he just won a massive landslide election?

In addition to the psychological angle, if Trump is able to pull this off, it would also implicate all of his enemies in high-crimes and treason, as well as prove all of Trump’s narratives of FBI corruption and DNC/Deep State crimes, etc., to be correct. It would also make the sheep very angry for being so heavily duped by people they trusted, making them more susceptible to accepting possibilities that these people committed OTHER crimes. Say the production of biological weapons, perhaps?

As for HOW Trump gets this done, I have no idea, but he wouldn’t be publicly talking about it if he didn’t have a plan to make it happen. And this possibility would kill many birds with one stone, and render the Deep State completely defenseless without control of group-think, therefore facing imminent extinction.







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