Biden regime wages TERROR CRUSADE against Trump’s America

  9 August 2022     Source:       Beyond the obvious analysis of the FBI / DOJ / Biden terror crusade against President Trump and We the People, what I’ve pointed out in the Situation Update podcast below are three critical points to understand: One of the goals of the raid on Mar-A-Lago is to try to provoke an armed civil war uprising among the American people so that the DOJ and FBI can label all Trump supporters as violentRead More

A NATION IN DECLINE – President Donald J. Trump


President Donald J. Trump Full Speech at CPAC Texas

  6 August 2022  

Donald J. Trump Rally in Waukesha, WI – 5 August 2022

          Source: Right Side Broadcasting Network

Donald J. Trump at America First Policy Institute – 25 July 2022

  America First Policy Institute Annual Policy Summit 2022 from Washington D.C.  

President Trump’s Fight Against Human Trafficking

  A banned YouTube video by Liz Crokin on what the Trump administration has done to combat human trafficking.           Source:

Donald J. Trump at TPUSA Student Action Summit Tampa, FL – 23 July 2022

          Source: Right Side Broadcasting Network

Donald J. Trump Rally in Prescott Valley, AZ – 22 July 2022

          Source: Right Side Broadcasting Network

Addressing the Threat From Securities Investments That Finance Communist Chinese Military Companies

  Executive Order 13959 (12/11/2020) and amendment thereof (13/01/21)     In a significant new Executive Order issued on November 12, 2020, the current US Administration has prohibited “any transaction” in either the “publicly traded securities,” or “derivative[s]” of securities of companies determined to be “Communist Chinese military compan[ies]” by US authorities. Thirty-one companies, collectively estimated to comprise more than $500 billion in market capitalization, have been designated since June 2020 as “Communist Chinese military compan[ies]” (Targeted Companies) within the meaningRead More

Donald J. Trump Rally in Anchorage, AK – 9 July 2022

          Source: Right Side Broadcasting Network

President Trump’s Full Speech at America First Policy Institute’s Panel in Las Vegas, NV

  8 July 2022  

Trump’s 2020 Mount Rushmore Speech

  4 July 2022    

Donald J. Trump Rally in Menden, IL – 25 June 2022

          Source: Right Side Broadcasting Network

Memorial Day – God Bless the Fallen – Donald Trump

  30 May 2022  

Donald J. Trump Rally in Casper, WY – 28 May 2022

          WY Congressional Candidate Harriet Hageman Speaks at President Trump’s Rally in Casper, WY         Source: Right Side Broadcast Network

President Trump Speaks at 2022 NRA Convention in Houston, TX

  Right Side Broadcasting Network | 27 May 2022   President Trump: “If the United States has $40 billion dollars to send to Ukraine, we should be able to do whatever it takes to keep our children safe at home… Before we nation-build the rest of the world, we should be building safe schools for our own children, in our own nation.”  

Donald J. Trump Rally in Greenwood, NE – 1 May 2022

      President Trump: “Their whole party is based on misinformation. Everything from Russia Russia Russia – that hoax – to the laptop from hell, to the impeachment hoax #1, impeachment hoax #2, the Mueller bullshit… They are the party of misinformation.”   Joe Biden clip at 25:12    


  “Remember this, nothing worth doing ever, ever, ever, came easy. Following your convictions means you must be willing to face criticism from those who lack the same courage to do what it is right, and they know what is right, but they do not have the courage, the guts, or the stamina, to take it and to do. It is called the road less travelled. What imprint will you leave in the sands of history? What will future AmericansRead More

Donald Trump sues Hillary Clinton and allies over Russia claims

  24 March 2022   “Former President Donald Trump is suing 2016 Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in a sprawling case that accuses her of conspiring with dozens of other actors — frequent targets of Trump’s conspiracy theories and rage — to topple his presidency. The new lawsuit, filed Thursday in federal court in Fort Pierce, Fla., accuses Clinton, her campaign, various campaign aides, former FBI Director James Comey, the Democratic National Committee and others of racketeering conspiracy for allegedlyRead More

Donald J. Trump Rally in Florence, SC – 12 March 2022


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