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President Donald J. Trump in Clinton Township, MI

    28 September 2023         Source:

President Donald J. Trump at Summerville, SC

    25 September 2023       Source:  

SITREP >> QNewsPatriots

      Anon Audio File 61 Alliance Tribunals in Red Sea | NATO Prepping UKR Invasion | Prighozin Alive in Africa | DEClas 24 September 2023     SGAnon discusses information pertaining to the dual-reality special_warfare scenario we are all living, and the many offshoots of the same, including a NATO UKR Invasion Prep, Yevgeny Prighozin’s faked-death, and the deployment of US Mil Spec_Ops/Tribunal Vessels in the E. Mediterranean and Red Seas.         Anon Audio FileRead More

Tucker Carlson interviews

      Liberals like Karl Rove just tried to annihilate Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton 21 September 2023           Larry Sinclair says he had a night of sex with Barack Obama 7 September 2023           Tucker interviews Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán 30 August 2023           Tucker interviews Donald J. Trump 23 August 2023           Tucker interviews Colonel Douglas Macgregor 21 August 2023Read More

President Donald J. Trump delivers speeches in IOWA

    20 September 2023   Maquoketa             Dubuque       Source:

All The Real News They See Fit To Omit — Matt & SGT

      SGT Report  18 September 2023       SGT Report contributor Matt is back to help us break down all the REAL news the mainstream mockingbird whore media sees fit to omit.   Source:

Mel K & Alex Krainer | Perspective: A Case for Optimism

      The Mel K Show | 18 September 2023       Source:         The case for optimism by Alex Krainer         Alex Krainer’s TrendCompass substack     Related article: Will they try to assassinate Trump?

Lara Logan’s Rest of the Story Docuseries

      Matthew Perna Story Matthew Perna was a Bernie Sanders fan until Trump came along. Then he was treated as a terrorist. Find out how a man who’d never been in trouble in his life ended up on the FBI wanted list after January 6th.             Lara Logan Substack: Twitter: @laralogan         Steve Bannon interviews Lara Logan 14 September 2023   Source:     Lara Logan & Stew PetersRead More

The Greatest Show On Earth (2023)

    A film by Nick Alvear, based on the work of Derek Johnson       This powerful documentary from Good Lion Films, produced and written by Nick Alvear, shares the Cabal takedown from the 2016 election, to the capitulation tour of President Donald J. Trump, Covid-19, the 2020 election, Joe Biden’s funeral, J6 setup, and how the continuity of government through the current events taking place will usher in the greatest time ever known on earth.   SourceRead More

Mel K w/ Clay Clark & Kash Patel | Government Gangsters Have Overplayed Their Hand

      The Mel K Show | 16 September 2023       Source:

Mel K & Anton Chaitkin | Treason in America Has Many Faces

      The Mel K Show | 13 Septermber 2023         Source:           Who We Are: America’s Fight for Universal Progress, from Franklin to Kennedy Volume I – 1750s to 1850s by Anton Chaitkin       The Lunar Men by Jenny Uglow

Will they try to assassinate Trump?

    The imperial oligarchy is in mortal fear of the American people   Alex Krainer | 1 September 2023         Source: Alex Krainer’s TrendCompass

Donald J. Trump Rally in Rapid City – 8 September 2023


Dr Jan Halper-Hayes interview

    ThePatriotVoice | 3 September 2023                 Double Crossfire by Anthony J. Tata (00:18:45)           Why Donald Trump Has the Perfect Presidential Temperament Dr Jan Halper | 1 June 2016 (00:47:55)     Source:         Dr Mattias Desmet on ‘Mass Formation’ (01:00:20)    

Dr Jan Halper w/ The Big Mig

    The MILITARY Is In Charge + Trump Is CIC   28 August 2023       Pay Attention To Everything That Is Happening > Connect The Dots * General Flynn Is Giving Us Wisdom > Everyone Should Listen * The Contract Between The Crown + The Vatican + The U.S. Corporation Has Been Dissolved * Biden Has Continued To Extend Trump’s Key Executive Orders * A U.S. Security Contractor Witnessed The Vatican Gold Being Trucked To U.S. MILRead More

Tom Renz: They don’t want to end up in jail, or worse

    Tom Renz | 31 August 2023      

John Voight – Stand

    John Voight | 29 August 2023  


    The HighWire with Del Bigtree | 26 August 2023     Will You comply with Pandemic 2.0? As mainstream media pumps out another campaign of fear over new COVID variants, social media has made it very clear ‘we the people’ will not comply with unscientific lockdowns, mandates, or masks again.

Todd Callender & Dr. Lee Vliet – DEVOLUTION

    SGT Report | 14 August 2023       Attorney Todd Callender and Dr. Lee Vliet are back to discuss current events, the Karen Kingston situation and the possibility that DEVOLUTION is real. Pedo Joe Biden is the President of the bankrupt US Corporation and Donald J. Trump is the rightful President to the Republic of the 50 states. And the evidence and truth about the 2020 election coup will soon be known to all.     Source:

President Donald J. Trump at Windham, NH

    8 August 2023       Source:

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