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WHORES FOR WARS — Todd Callender & Dr. Lee Vliet

      SGT Report | 24 April 2024       Ok, so ya’ll know what’s up at this point. The criminals in the US Federal government and our BRIBED “representatives” have sold out the American people at every turn and in every possible way. And now people are starting to see demons around the world. You can expect things to get even creepier as the lost among us move further away from God and Christian values. Attorney ToddRead More

No Oaths of Office in the Federal Government

      Reese Report | 10 April 2024       Source:       Greg Reese substack


      SGT Report | 27 February 2024       “Lord” Jacob Rothschild is dead and with Lucifer now – his trillions couldn’t save him or his soul. The old guard is dying off while the Great Awakening goes global. Bix Weir joins me to discuss the very latest.     Source:

TRAINWRECK: AMERICA 2024 — Dr. Lee Vliet & Todd Callender

      SGT Report | 26 February 2024       Attorney Todd Callender & Dr. Lee Vliet are back to expose the lawfare, open borders and violence which is spreading across the United States thanks to the millions of invaders the Biden administration and United Nations are ushering into our once great nation.     Source:

Notice on the Continuation of the National Emergency With Respect to Serious Human Rights Abuse and Corruption

    18 December 2023         Source:

It’s time for America to RALLY behind Trump (or lose our republic forever)

    Health Ranger Report | 18 January 2024       Source:


      SGT Report | 11 January 2024       Bix Weir is back on Bitcoin ETF approval day to discuss the demise of the Republic at the hands of evil international banksters who own everything and are preparing to steal is via the great taking. The DTCC and Cede & Co own every single stock, and you dear friend will be a creditor holding an IOU when the system collapses.     Source:        Read More


      SGT Report | 10 January 2024       Michael Hichborn the President of The Lepanto Institute returns to SGT Report to discuss Vatican corruption, the Chabad jew tunnels below New York City, pizzagate and the US Ponzi scheme which is stealing the futures of our progeny and corrupting everything that we as Americans hold dear.     Source:       The Lepanto Institute

SITREP >> QNewsPatriots

      Pope Death Coming 2024 | Plandemic 2.0 Attempt: France | US Mil Army/Navy “Q” Comms 24 December 2023           USMC EOD in Iceland: Underground War | Netanyahu in Submission | Sky Event: Supernova 28 November 2023           Trump Card Identified | Washington DC Attack Coming | NATO Suicide | House Speaker Mike Johnson 8 November 2023           “State of Israel” Dissolution | Trump 2024 TrialsRead More

James Grundvig w/ SG Anon

      Decentralized Media | 14 November 2023       Source:       Support James Grundvig by subscribing at Decentralized Media      

Col. Douglas MacGregor warns: US diplomatic incompetence will nudge Israel…

      Health Ranger Report | 10 November 2023       Col. Douglas MacGregor warns: US diplomatic incompetence will nudge Israel toward catastrophic consequences     Source:       OUR COUNTRY OUT CHOICE

President Donald J. Trump in Hialeah, FL

    8 November 2023       Source:

THE FINAL WAR: Unveiling the 100-Year Plot to Defeat America

      EPOCH TV | 15 November 2022       An unprecedented combination of personal story and geopolitical struggle, history, and present, “The Final War” follows Epoch Times reporters and top China watchers through their journeys of awakening to the CCP threat.   To say the least, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is a mystery to most Americans.   But behind the party jargon, unpredictable actions, and ever-changing face lies the Party’s vicious plot, with America at theRead More

WHO WILL STOP THE TRAITORS? — Todd Callender & Dr. Lee Vliet

      SGT Report | 7 November 2023       Source:

President Donald J. Trump in Kissimmee, FL

    4 November 2023       Source:

President Donald J. Trump in Houston, TX

    2 November 2023       Source:

The Hitler … or Obama Youth

    It’s Getting Harder to Tell the Difference   Badlands Media | 3 November 2023   By Erik Carlson     Let me preface this article by saying I understand the readers all have different beliefs about what is real and what is not real in the Israel/Hamas conflict. Some believe no one has been killed and it is all fake. Some believe all of it is real. Others believe some of it is real and some is propaganda.Read More

President Donald J. Trump in Sioux City, IA

    29 October 2023       Source:

President Donald J. Trump in Derry, NH

    23 October 2023       Source:

Tucker interviews Col. Douglas Macgregor on pending war with Iran

      23 October 2023         How to avoid World War III 19 October 2023         Tucker interviews Colonel Douglas Macgregor 21 August 2023     Into the abyss: Colonel Douglas Macgregor tells us why the Ukraine war must end now         Source:

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