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Anon Audio File 60

US_COG Ops Will Destroy Petrodollar | Actor “Biden” to Cancel 2024 US Election | War Powers and WW3

8 September 2023



SGAnon sits down and discusses current events in the context of geopolitical leanings and happenings through an irregular warfare lens. This File includes a breakdown of DEW attacks, the WW Counterintelligence war currently being played out, US_Mil Activity recently, and speculative dynamics about our near future.

They are trapped. We will fight them to the Death.





Anon Audio File 59

Trump-Loyal US_Mil in Hawaii | Climate Lockdowns/Emergency On Deck | USSC State-Secrets Privilege

17 August 2023



SG Anon discusses information regarding a coming Plandemic #2, Climate Lockdowns and Emergency Conditions, evidence of the Trump-loyalist Military, and the US Supreme Court, National Security, and state-secrets privilege.

No way out. They’ll hang themselves in this process.





Anon Audio File 58

US_Mil/Trump Warned of [DS] Attack | Russian_Mil Biocontainment | Trump Indictments: WH Ops

15 August 2023



SG Anon discusses information regarding Trump’s PA Rally on 7/29, US_Mil Warning of coming attack prior to Maui fires, the fires themselves, and much much more. This was a longer File and includes a video component.

We are overt now. Total war.







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