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US Mil Communicating W/ Supreme Court, CIA Assets Arriving in China

    SGAnon | 29 November 2022           Source:

Neil Oliver: The Government should be afraid because they’re behaving unforgivably

    GBNews | 27 November 2022       Source:

Mel K w/ Charlie Robinson

  The Mel K Show | 30 September 2022       Source:     Charlie Robinson‘s website

Mel K w/ Benjamin Fulford

  The Mel K Show | 25 September 2022       Source:       Benjamin Fulford website:

X22 Report

  Ep. 2885b – Scare Event Being Pushed, Trump Messaging It’s Almost Time, Only At The Precipice   27 September 2022           Source credit: X22 Report  

Giorgia Meloni, Newly Elected PM of Italy: “We will defend God, country and family”

  26 September 2022  

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