Statements from President Trump



Agenda47: Preventing World War III

17 March 2023


President Donald J. Trump explains the difference between the globalist establishment class, and those who are truly committed to stopping the Ukraine war and dismantling the entire neo-con nation-building industrial complex in Washington, D.C.




AGENDA 47 – America First Trade Policy

27 February 2023





AGENDA 47 – Plan to stop the America Last Warmongers and Globalists

20 February 2023





AGENDA 47 – Plan to end crime and restore Law and Order

20 February 2023





Call for peace negotiations in the escalating NATO-backed war against Russia

2 February 2023




Fake news media

1 February 2023




Corruption in DC

25 January 2023




Two standards of justice

20 January 2023




Our country is being poisoned by drug cartels

5 January 2023




The lies of the Jan 6 unselected committee

25 December 2022




Omnibus spending bill of 1.7 trillion dollars

23 December 2023




Our country is under invasion. No amnesty for the illegal immigrants

22 December 2022







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