Clif High explains Art of War and Trump’s narrative about the ‘vaccine’


24 December 2021


  • What everyone is missing about how the vaccine saved the world from a 10-year lockdown and massive millions of deaths
  • Trump and the patriots are now maneuvering two disparate social order groups into a convergence
  • The narrative will shift once the core audience demonstrates they are beginning to understand the bigger picture
  • When the narrative does shift, the war will become out in the open
  • This ‘convergence’ of awakening & social order coherence will accelerate the next events



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Clif High is a Linguistics Pattern & Trend Expert, who designed one of the most advanced A.I. Internet Language Pattern Recognition Algorhythms in the world



In the following video, Clif High takes a further look at the Trump narrative in the context of the war that is being waged, and anticipates the likely sequence of events in the coming months and years. In 2022, we should expect to move out of the health crisis, into the banking crisis, UFOs, then open warfare with the Deep State.







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