Catherine Austin Fitts: COVID Crisis, Global Financial Reset, and Individual Empowerment




National Citizens Inquity | 17 May 2023



In this thought-provoking interview, Catherine Austin Fitts, an esteemed economist and expert witness, offers an in-depth analysis of how the global health crisis of COVID-19 was utilized as a catalyst for initiating a global financial reset and increasing centralization of power. She shares her insightful views on the COVID vaccines and their implications.


Join us as Catherine delves into the connections between the COVID crisis and the restructuring of the global financial system. She presents compelling examples of how individuals can reclaim their financial and social freedom in the face of these challenges.

Don’t miss this enlightening conversation that explores the complex dynamics at play and provides valuable insights for navigating these unprecedented times. Gain a deeper understanding of the global financial landscape and discover pathways to empowerment.



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