James Corbett: Unveiling Global Pandemic Treaty and WHO’s Expanding Authority




National Citizens Inquity | 18 May 2023



Tune in to investigative reporter and expert witness James Corbett in this comprehensive analysis of the World Health Organization (WHO) and its efforts to establish a global pandemic treaty. In this thought-provoking interview, James dives deep into the planning and organization behind this treaty, which aims to bind participating countries under the control of the WHO during global health crises.


Discover the far-reaching implications as James explores the proposed amendments to existing WHO regulations and the One Health Initiative. These changes not only grant the WHO more authority but also shift power from individual countries to this international organization.



Source: https://rumble.com/v2oqcuk-james-corbett-gives-testimony-on-the-globalist-threat-to-canada-ottawa-day-.html

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