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  Last updated 4 May 2022   If the 2020 US presidential election was rigged against Donald Trump, is it possible the military was prepared well in advance of this election to monitor for fraud? Is there any evidence to indicate that white hats in the American government knew Biden would steal the election and caught him, triggering a continuity of government plan to save the republic? Based on the research of Patel Patriot, DEVOLVED is a series investigating theRead More

Donald J. Trump Rally in Greenwood, NE – 1 May 2022

      President Trump: “Their whole party is based on misinformation. Everything from Russia Russia Russia – that hoax – to the laptop from hell, to the impeachment hoax #1, impeachment hoax #2, the Mueller bullshit… They are the party of misinformation.”   Joe Biden clip at 25:12    

‘Devolution’ series by Patel Patriot

  Last updated 25 Aptil 2022   Patel Patriot has published a series of articles on Devolution in which he explains how a shadow government was formed around Trump following the 2020 Presidential election steal, with the aim to defeat the Washington DC ran by the globalist cabal and win back America for its people.   Part 1 – How Did We Get Here?  ​07/02/21 [article] [reading] [links]   Part 2 – The Defense Intelligence Agency and the Defector​ 07/07/21 [article] [reading] [links]Read More

Full Transcript: “Ryan Dark White”

  The following interviews with “Ryan Dark White” were conducted for Lin Wood in January 2021 and released by Wood March 3, 2021 via Dropbox with an accompanying statement from Wood on Telegram: ‘I think this transcript should be shared far and wide.’ The document has since been deleted from Dropbox.     #BIDEN #PENCE   Source:

Jeff O’Donnell – The Election Fraud Pattern Has Been Discovered. This Will Not End Well For The [DS]

  X22 Report | 30 April 2022   “They started counting ballots on the 19th of October and these were mail-in ballots that had come in at that point and over the next three days until halfway through the 21st, they had counted a little over 25,000 mail-in ballots at that point and what happened at 2 o’clock or so in the afternoon some code woke up inside the machine. This was not caused by anything the clerks did, thisRead More

France elections: the ballots for Marine Le Pen were deliberately spoiled

  This video shows how the ballots for Marine Le Pen in specially sealed voting bags were already torn, which would automatically be recognised as unsuitable for counting.  

2000 MULES – Never Before Seen Security Footage (Trailers)

  A new film by Dinesh D’Souza > To be released on 2 May 2022   The new trailer       The original trailer     “Highly respected Dinesh D’Souza, working together with Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote, just released a trailer to their new movie, ‘2,000 Mules’, that shows the world exactly how the 2020 Presidential Election was Rigged and Stolen. The movie exposes the lies of the Democrats, RINOs, and Fake News who say it wasRead More

RIGGED 2020 – The Biggest Election Takeover In History

  Zuckerberg Funded Plot To Defeat Donald Trump       Source credit:

The Plot Against The President – Full Documentary

  This documentary, based on Lee Smith‘s book, follows the story of the biggest political scandal in U.S. history. It examines the coup engineered by a coterie of the American establishment elite, targeting not only the president, but the whole country when Democrats attempted to link President Trump’s campaign to Russia.   Director: Amanda Milius Producers: John Eisenman, Amanda Milius Release date: October 2020       Source credit:  

4.8 MILLION ballots trafficked in the 2020 Election

  24 March 2022   7% of mail-in ballots were trafficked in every Swing State True the Vote has looked in   “It’s an organized crime that was perpetrated on Americans”  

Donald Trump sues Hillary Clinton and allies over Russia claims

  24 March 2022   “Former President Donald Trump is suing 2016 Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in a sprawling case that accuses her of conspiring with dozens of other actors — frequent targets of Trump’s conspiracy theories and rage — to topple his presidency. The new lawsuit, filed Thursday in federal court in Fort Pierce, Fla., accuses Clinton, her campaign, various campaign aides, former FBI Director James Comey, the Democratic National Committee and others of racketeering conspiracy for allegedlyRead More

America’s Corrupt Election System Revealed In Secret Georgia Report

  Halderman Dominion Report       Election integrity groups commissioned a report by a computer science professor at the University of Michigan, J. Alex Halderman, who is an election security expert. Halderman produced a 25K-word report that’s so explosive neither the federal judge in charge of the case nor the U.S. federal government wants it released to the public. Halderman asserts that Georgia’s electronic voting machines “suffer from specific, highly exploitable vulnerabilities that allow attackers to change votes despiteRead More

Donald J. Trump Rally in Florence, SC – 12 March 2022


VoterGA Provides Conclusive Evidence Showing Fulton 2020 Election Results Were Electronically Manipulated

  7 March 2022   VoterGA emphasized that while one or two of these may be procedural issues, the electronic tampering found so far is not limited to Fulton. Co-founder Garland Favorito said: “In fairness to Fulton County, they did preserve enough of their ballot images to make some of our research possible. Other counties, like Cobb, destroyed most or all of their original November 2020 images despite federal and state law. This tampering and destruction is proof positive whyRead More

Did Zuckerberg’s $420 Million Change Result of the 2020 Election?

  31 January 2022 Narrated by Scott Walker of Capital Research Center   Funded by $419 Million from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, The Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL) and The Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR) created a two-tiered election system that treated voters differently depending on whether they lived in Democrat or Republican areas. CTCL demanded the promotion of universal mail-in voting through suspending election laws, extending deadlines that favored mail-in over in-person voting, staffed get-out-the-voteRead More

Mike Lindell’s Historic Interview With President Donald J. Trump

  Frank Speech | November 2021        

Mike Lindell Lawsuit Headed to Supreme Court

  Stew Peters Show | 1 November 2021   Mike Lindell announces a lawsuit vs The United States of America, which will hit the nation’s High Court. The lawsuit framework will force the Court’s Justices to align with or betray the will of the American People. Also he will be hosting a 5-day LIVE event revealing specific state fraud.  

Arizona forensic audit results

  X22 Report | 25 September 2021         Health Ranger Report | 25 September 2021         Bannons War Room | 24 September 2021          

Juan O Savin: the job of the military is to protect the people first, against enemies both foreign and domestic

  10 March 2021   In this video Juan O Savin says our nation has to fix the terrible mess it’s in (caused by The Deep State) before arrests of the cabal can happen. The job of the US military is to protect the people FIRST, against enemies both foreign and domestic. The US military ran an investigation into the 2020 Presidential election voter fraud and found Trump to be the winner by a landslide, as predicted. The US militaryRead More

Arizona Election Audit Results Published

  Stew Peters Show | 8 September 2021 Liz Harris and Seth Keshel joined Stew Peters to release canvass findings and real numbers for the first time since the Arizona audit efforts began. Harris told Stew, “This is the day America has been waiting for” as she presented numbers that would destroy the margin Biden claimed in the 2020 election, supposedly defeating President Trump in Arizona. Keshel discussed the trends and gave insight about the pathway forward, who can help,Read More

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