Something Strange Happened in Georgia


Vernon Jones Is Latest Trump-Endorsed Candidate to Lose Run-Off Election in Peach State — A Clean Sweep for Never-Trump

By Jim Hoft | 21 June 2022


  • Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who could not win his own district as a representative to the state convention, surprisingly won his primary two weeks ago over a popular Republican with 52% of the vote.  Raffensperger was polling around 25%.  Raffensperger is also a committed Never-Trumper who was caught lying about a call President Trump had with him back in December 2022.
  • But Raffesnperger won his primary with 52% of the vote to prevent a runoff.
  • Brian Kemp, who was booed at the state convention, surprisingly won his primary in Georgia after a rally with Mike Pence, by 74% to 22%.
  • And on Tuesday, popular conservative and Trump supporter Vernon Jones — who just months ago would receive a rock star’s welcome at rallies — lost to his opponent Mike Collins.
  • Vernon Jones lost his race 76% to 24%
  • So Georgia was a clean sweep against President Trump and his supporters.
  • If we want to believe the numbers — Trump only has 24% support from the conservatives in the state.
  • Only 24% of Republicans in Georgia support President Donald Trump.  That’s what we’re supposed to believe.
  • We know the machines they use, that Brad Raffensperger purchased, are able to be breached and manipulated.  A recent government report confirmed this.
  • Something is going on in Georgia.
  • Or maybe it’s too late to save the state.



Source: The Gateway Pundit

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