Georgia Election Fraud Report 2020


Georgia Ballots | 17 July 2022



This is a portion of what our team found in Georgia, primarily Fulton County. There is much more across the state. Very little of the data that counties input to election management systems was or is verified. The State verified nothing because the said they “depended on the counties to report accurately”. Georgia should never have been certified.







VoterGA Uncovers Massive Election Fraud in Georgia

The stolen 2020 election data is still hiding in plain sight

By Emerald Robinson


The election integrity group VoterGA has produced a new video on Georgia’s 2020 election, and the video shows obvious and massive voter fraud.

This is one of the best videos that I’ve ever seen on how our elections are corrupted by using electronic voting machines. It covers the deceptive practices used in the election night vote, and the “risk-limiting” audit, and the machine recount. It’s the best use of 56 minutes of your life right now — especially before the 2022 midterms…


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