Why Trump Pushed the Vax



Badlands Media | 29 December 2022

by Kitty Gillespie


A quick reminder: President Donald J. Trump is a WARTIME President.


We are in the midst of the most complex, deadly war our world has ever seen. The stakes couldn’t be higher. This is literally a fight for our civilization.

President Trump has to make unimaginably hard decisions in order to foil the enemy’s plans and eventually win the war.


If there is ONE question that our community wants answered, it’s WHY OH WHY has President Trump endorsed—and seems to CONTINUE to endorse—the deadly jab?

The most often-heard explanation in our community seems to revolve around the development of Operation Warp Speed and its acceleration of the vaccine manufacturing process, which derailed the Deep State’s plan to kill half a billion people over the next decade through the vaxxes and severe lockdowns, driving their depopulation agenda forward.

Operation Warp Speed was launched in May 2020.

As Q says, “The military is the only way.”

But lets look at that through the lens of why Trump continues to push the vaccine.


Through Operation Warp Speed, the military became deeply involved in getting the vaccines to market.

Distribution will be conducted in phases. Due to limited availability of initial vaccine doses, the first phase will distribute and administer vaccines at select locations. Initial distribution sites were selected by the DOD’s COVID Task Force from sites recommended by the military services and U.S. Coast Guard … — Department of Defense, December 9, 2020


Defense Department officials were deeply involved in planning the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccines.

Hold that thought.


Let’s review the kind of messaging that POTUS has communicated publicly about the vax from early on:

  • Get the vax, don’t get the vax—it’s your choice.
  • You have your freedoms.
  • Therapeutics are better. I like therapeutics. (HCQ, Ivermectin, Regeneron)
  • Keep the schools open.
  • I’m not a fan of mandates.


Steady, consistent communication subtly encouraged the public to do their research and make an informed decision. Unfortunately, to those who are still asleep, that encouragement might have been taken as an endorsement.


POTUS is engaged in the Art of War. The balancing act that is taking place right in front of us can be destroyed with one wrong word, one wrong decision.


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