PCR Test False Positives – This One Covid Lie Ought To Have Brought Down The British Government


Check the Evidence | 20 September 2020


Paul Weston notes that the government figures show that nearly 20 million tests have been done. They have given about 423,000 positives.  However, the “False Positive” (FP) rate for the test is said to be between 0.8% and 4.3%, so he suggests using a FP rate of 2.3%. The government appear to be applying this FP 2.3% to the 423,000 figure. However, this is not what the FP rate means – it should be applied to the total number of tests done. Hence, 2.3% of 20,000,000 is…. 460,000. This calculation fits well with what we have seen many others pointing out – the test is meaningless. Policy should be made on the number of hospitalisations, or deaths  – not “positives.” But, of course, as the test does not work anyway, that, too would be meaningless.




Dr Mike Yeadon explains False Positives: https://lockdownsceptics.org/lies-dam…
Professor Carl Heneghan explains False Positives: https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/h…
Government Report Re False Positives, Page two Re 2.3% Average false Positive Figure: 

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