Dr. Peter McCullough At The European Parliament

    13 September 2023       Dr. McCullough delivered a speech to the European Union Parliament on September 13, 2023, in a session dedicated to the World Health Organization and Pandemic response. There were four attorneys and five scientists who made presentations. Dr. McCulllough’s speech was organized around three main concepts:   1. A Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex has formed after years of planning and congealing. This is a working syndicate that aspires for global domination over all plants, animals,Read More

Myocarditis and COVID-19 Vaccines: How the CDC Missed a Safety Signal and Hid a Warning

      THE EPOCH TIMES | 17 September 2023       Source:   T

Spike Protein, Heart Inflammation Still Present One Year Post mRNA-Injection

      Daily Clout | 16 August 2023       Source:         Report 79: mRNA COVID Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis at One Year Post-Injection: Spike Protein, Inflammation Still Present in Heart Tissue   In spite of widespread censorship, the truth is coming out that myocarditis arising after injection with mRNA COVID “vaccines” is not rare, temporary, or mild.           Dr McCullough: “The government narrative is still that people do not dieRead More

Pfizer Is Hiding How COVID Jab Damages the Heart

      Source:       Mercola | 15 August 2023       Source:                     Source:      

CDC Lied about Vaccine Myocarditis Being Mild: 20% of Sudden Deaths Caused by Myocarditis

    CDC Policy: avoid autopsies; German Study Explains What They Were Hiding   by Igor Chudov | 2 December 2022   When our health officials talk about Covid vaccine victims, we always hear the same story:   Deaths are unrelated to vaccination Myocarditis is mild, and nobody dies of it They refuse to autopsy the victims   This gaslighting became an art form for Covid vaccine advocates, with fact-checkers and social networks suppressing any discussion.     We instinctively knowRead More

Swiss study shows heart injury in all mRNA COVID jab recipients, myocarditis in 3%

    There is now considerable evidence that mRNA gene therapies are routinely injuring the heart, with raised troponin levels across the board and subclinical myocarditis in up to one in 27 cases or more.       Source:         mRNA Vaccines Injure the Heart of ALL Vaccine Recipients and Cause Myocarditis in Up to 1 in 27   by Will Jones | The Daily Sceptic | 27 October 2022   New evidence has emerged that theRead More

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