Kali Yuga

David Icke: Connecting the Dots to See the Real Dangers

    ICIC.LAW | 13 September 2023   Part 1     David Icke offers insightful context on current events in his brand new show, exclusively on Ickonic. Always exploring the big questions about life, and has a very enquiring mind. He vociferously promotes unity consciousness and asserts that LOVE is the answer! In this first of two parts of ICIC’s interview, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and co-host attorney Dagmar Schoen talk with British veteran of the alternative media scene DavidRead More

Clif High: A Broader View at Life, Consciousness, and the Enemies of Humanity

    ICIC.LAW | 6 September 2023       Clif High, born into a military family with his father having served three tours in Vietnam, after the Korean war. In his work he has designed software that scans the Internet for patterns of information. For example, he has used it to find out what the Government has been doing in the Antarctic. He has researched the possibility of Anunnaki technologies being discovered by the Nazis in that area, andRead More

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