The Depletion of ACE2 and Sudden Cardiac Death: Lessons from SARS

    We may need to radically rethink the Spike Protein: Cancer spreads taking over metabolism – the Spike spreads depleting ACE2   Walter M Chestnut | 6 September 2023       Source:         Support WMC Research    

ACE(2) of Death: The Spike Protein/ACE2 Immune Complex, Autoimmunity and ACE2 Depletion

    Vitamin D may only be masking the inexorable destruction of ACE2 in the body   Walter M Chestnut | 29 August 2023       Source:         Support WMC Research    


    The HighWire | 25 August 2023     Professor of Medicine, Alvin Moss, MD, discusses his recent article highlighting the ethical problems with the COVID lockdowns, from deaths of despair to the impacts on education, and the underprivileged. He explains why we must never let the government lock us down again.         Rethinking the Ethics of the Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdowns   by Daniel Miller, Alvin Moss           Miller and Moss ConcludeRead More

Spike Protein Injury: The Foundational Basis for Post-Spike Protein Exposure Systemic Calcification

  Why ACE2 as receptor is far more dangerous than most realize   Walter M Chestnut | 23 August 2023       Source:         Support WMC Research    

Another Spike Protein Parallel to Radiation Damage: DNA Double Strand Breaks

    DNA damage from radiation causes the expression of γ-H2AX. So does the Spike Protein   Walter M Chestnut | 16 August 2023       Source:         Support WMC Research    

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