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Steve Kirsch presents COVID-19 Vaccine Mortality Data at MIT

      30 November 2023       Data bombshell from Steve Kirsch in speech at Kirsch Auditorium at MIT   Watch an exclusive special episode of VSRF LIVE as we come LIVE from Kirsch Auditorium at MIT for a speech by VSRF Founder Steve Kirsch where he will deliver a data drop that according to Dr. Pierre Kory has the potential to change the entire narrative on the Covid-19 vaccines. The record level data will be revealed forRead More

A Shot In The Dark


How Pfizer and Moderna Control Vaccine Discourse

      Mercola | 28 November 2023   Pfizer financed consumer, medical and civil rights organizations that lobbied for COVID jab mandates, thereby creating the false appearance of broad support Moderna controls the vaccine debate and influences vaccine policy by working with a third party nongovernmental organization (NGO) called Public Good Projects (PGP), which monitors and censors online discussions about the COVID shots on Moderna’s behalf Moderna has also retained an online monitoring company called Talkwalker that uses artificialRead More

Are COVID Jab Deaths Being Covered Up?

            Mercola | 25 November 2023   The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) does not meet its own standards, and safety signals are not being addressed Before the COVID pandemic, VAERS received an average of 60,000 adverse event reports after vaccination each year. In the first year of the rollout of the experimental gene therapies against COVID (2021), reports skyrocketed to 1 million. By the end of October 2023, the number of reports associatedRead More


      SGT Report | 23 November 2023       Dr. Reni Moon has paid a very heavy price for daring to speak the truth about the experimental “vaccines” at a Senate hearing convened by Senator Ron Johnson. This is the fascist state of the state where big pharma and weaponized agencies of government persecute ANY ONE who dares to speak the truth.     Source:       People can reach Dr. Moon here:

“SUSTAINABLE” Means… YOU DIE. — Todd Callender & Dr. Lee Vliet

      SGT Report | 20 November 2023       Source:

Spike Protein Denervation: An Important, Undiscussed Possible Cause for Observed Sudden Cardiac Deaths

    The Spike Protein induces denervation post mRNA vaccination and post infection (Long COVID)   WMC Research | 21 November 2023       Source:       Support WMC Research

Shot Dead The Movie

      We The Patriots USA | 15 November 2023         This is the movie we wish we didn’t have to make. But this is a movie everyone needs to see. For the first time ever, hear the stories of covid shot deaths as told by the parents who lost their children. Hear from the families brave enough to speak up and admit that the shot killed their children. Hear from the ones who have refusedRead More

Is Post-Vaccination Syndrome (PVS) Actually a New Spike-Induced Amyloidosis?

    When you break down the symptoms of Post-Vaccination Syndrome, a very strong case can be made for Post-Vaccination Amyloidosis   WMC Research | 14 November 2023       Source:       Support WMC Research


      SGT Report | 8 November 2023       Source:       Related posts on Pfizer here  

Healing In The Age Of Bioweapons | Dr. Bryan Ardis

      Patriots With Grit | 29 October 2023         Dr. Bryan Ardis exposes the flawed medical system and discusses the treatment of symptoms with drugs vs. identifying the causes. Corporatizing medicine and the indoctrination of medical providers are two of the major issues America faces in the drug-pushing pharmaceutical industry.     Source:       Dr. Bryan Ardis

Covid Vaccines: The Great Travesty Against Mankind | 21 October 2023   By Vasko Kohlmayer   “More than 5.55 billion people worldwide have received a dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, equal to about 72.3 percent of the world population,” observed the New York Times in March of this year.   In other words, in the space of twenty-seven months (since the beginning of the rollout), the vaccinators had managed to inject nearly two thirds of the world’s inhabitants with their COVID medicaments. Furthermore, the majority ofRead More

Andrew Bridgen MP – Adjournment Debate on Trends in Excess Deaths

    20 October 2023       Source:

‘No Lives Were Saved’ by COVID-19 Vaccines, Scientists Estimate

      Frontline Health | 6 October 2023         The pattern of excess deaths recorded in the South-East Asian country of Malaysia during the COVID-19 pandemic shocked a Canadian research team when they studied the overall death rates there.   The number of deaths clearly increased, but upon closer examination, they noticed that the excess deaths did not coincide with the time when the pandemic was declared. Instead, it had a strong correlation with the timingRead More

COVID-19 vaccine-associated mortality in the Southern Hemisphere (with Spanish subtitles)

      Doctors for Covid Ethics | 11 October 2023       Source:           COVID-19 vaccine-associated mortality in the Southern Hemisphere By Denis G. Rancourt PhD, Marine Baudin PhD, Joseph Hickey PhD, Jérémie Mercier PhD     The paper is based on 17 countries in the Southern Hemisphere and equatorial region. A definite causal link is shown between many peaks in all-cause mortality and rapid vaccine rollouts. The authors quantify the fatal toxicity riskRead More

The Reclaim Party & Andrew Bridgen MP have secured a date in Parliament for a debate on Excess Deaths

      Reclaim The Media | 14 October 2023       Laurence Fox and Andrew Bridgen chat this week’s news.   Source:

CV19 Vax Causes Turbo Cancer – Dr. Ryan Cole

    USA Watchdog | 11 October 2023   By Greg Hunter’s   Dr. Ryan Cole is a Board-Certified pathologist.  Dr. Cole is an expert in postmortem examination and has treated more than 500,000 patients.  He has a prestigious resume, including a five-year stint at the Mayo Clinic.  Dr. Cole has been fighting the CV19 narrative from infection to injection from the very beginning and told people not to get the CV19 vax.  For this, Dr. Cole was attackedRead More

The COVID Clots

      Source: * There is a sound quality issue with the original recording of this video     Mercola | 7 October 2023   Many symptoms of long COVID and injuries from COVID-19 shots may be due to microclots throughout the body Investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson speaks with Jordan Vaughn, founder and president of the Microvascular Research Foundation (MVRF), in Birmingham, Alabama, about the issue, revealing a triple anticoagulant therapy — aspirin, fibrinolytic enzymes and ivermectin may helpRead More

Researchers Find COVID Vaccines Causally Linked to Increased Mortality, Estimate 17 Million Deaths

      THE EPOCH TIMES | 28 September 2023 (Updated 5 October 2023)   A new scientific report challenges the idea that COVID-19 vaccines have prevented deaths after researchers assessed all-cause mortality in 17 countries and found COVID-19 vaccines did not have any beneficial effect on reducing mortality. Instead, researchers found that unprecedented peaks in high all-cause mortality in each country—especially among the elderly population when COVID-19 vaccines were deployed—coincided with the rollout of third and fourth booster doses.Read More

White House Knew MRNA Shots Caused Blood Clots, Heart Damage

  Internal FOIA’d Emails Show Freakout   DailyClout | 27 September 2023       Dr. Naomi Wolf and The Amazing Amy Kelly delve into FOIA’d emails showing that the White House knew in May of 2021 that the mRNA injections caused blood clots and heart damage. The emails also show the internal freakout among White House officials and a “script” of how to respond to the public.     Source:           46 Pages FOIAed EmailsRead More