The Spike Protein FUNCTIONS AS A “MICROTUMOR”: Instantaneous “Micrometastases”: Induction of Tumor Microenvironment: LONG COVID!

      Walter M Chesnut | 22 December 2022   The aberrant signaling induced by the Spike Protein of SARS-CoV-2 MIMICS PRECISELY the signaling found in Cancer Cachexia       Yes, the very first image. The metabolic effects and inflammation of cancer cells (in this case, the Spike Protein causes THE EXACT SAME metabolic reprogramming and inflammation) inducing Cancer Cachexia cause an altered sense of taste and smell. Also, the same effects cause an atrophy of cardiac muscleRead More

Dr Rashid Buttar unveils potential vaccine injury solutions

  Health Ranger Report | 28 September 2022       – Dr Buttar reveals targeted cancer protocol that uses the body’s own “database” to identify and remove cancer cells – A similar protocol can help vaccine-injured people overcome cellular damage – Discussion of post-vaccine fibrous clots and vascular health – Covid vaccines inject people with “payloads” that can be remotely activated via broadcast signals – Once activated, they can unleash Ebola or Marburg-like symptoms such as bleeding out ofRead More

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