Cancer Treatment From a Metabolic Perspective





  • Most chronic diseases affecting us today, including heart disease, dementia, obesity,
    diabetes and cancer are rooted in metabolic dysfunction
  • October 10 is the International Metabolic Health Day. Celebrate by assessing your
    metabolic health and cleaning up your diet
  • One of the best ways to identify metabolic flexibility and health is a fasting insulin test.
    Ideally, you want it to be below 3
  • If you’re already eating a healthy diet, exercising, and all of your metabolic parameters
    look good, yet you have an insulin level of 7 or 8, stress may be the culprit, because
    cortisol raises insulin. Cortisol release is actually a rescue mechanism to ensure you
    don’t die from low blood sugar
  • The Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health will be a truly integrated residential oncology
    hospital and metabolic research institute. Once funding has been secured, they expect to
    be up and running within 18 months



Mercola | 24 September 2023






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