State Duma Investigation Update and Russia’s plans of International Military Tribunals


By Clandestine | 18 July 2022


New statements from Irina Yarovaya, Deputy Chairman of the Russian State Duma, pertaining to pathogen leaks from Pentagon run biolabs in Ukraine.

But before we get to the video, let me go over who Irina Yarovaya is, what the “Russian State Duma” is, and the details of the ongoing Russian Parliamentary investigation into US biological malfeasance in Ukraine.

Irina Yarovaya is a prominent Russian politician, and the “State Duma” is the lower of the two houses in Russian Parliament (Legislative Branch).  She is one of the co-chairs overseeing Russian Parliament’s investigation into the DNC bioterrorism in Ukraine. The American equivalent would be one of the Committees in the House of Representatives. Yarovaya is the one who reported on July 7th that we can expect the final report on the Russian MIL findings in “Autumn”.

Now that we are all tracking on what we are looking at, here’s the video and the transcript below.



“But most likely, those who created these laboratories were interested in ensuring that these laboratories were not adequately protected, not only in corruption, but also in order to carry out a live experiment in this way to monitor what the reaction from the population would be, what the mortality rate would be, what the consequences would be.”

Yarovaya claims their ongoing investigation shows intentional negligence, with the objective of allowing pathogens to escape, so the US could then monitor and research the effects of the bioweapons. The calculated US negligence caused the absurd spikes in pandemics in Ukraine since 2014.

Essentially, the US were outsourcing illegal experimentation to their 3rd world proxy in Ukraine, ravaged by civil war, and intentionally stored highly transmissible and lethal pathogens in sub-par laboratories, outside the scope of US oversight and regulations, with intent to let them escape.

But why? Why release these genetically modified pathogens on the people in Ukraine? How does that help in the Deep State’s world domination agenda?

I believe they were using Ukraine as a testing ground, to find suitable pathogens to release on the world population. Testing different bioweapons with the appropriate transmissibility and lethality, documenting the human and community responses from those affected, to perfect and eventually carry out their plot to usher in liberal-globalism, under the guise of public health. Covid 19.

If these allegations are true, and we have seen a heavy compilation of evidence to suggest they are, the Deep State perpetrators would not only be in violation of the Biological Weapons Convention via the production of bioweapons, but also in violation of the Nuremberg Code. Conducting experiments on citizens without consent.

According to Russia, the ruling families DNC have committed crimes on par with, and in some cases exceeding, that of the Nazis of the Third Reich. And Russia are determined to put a stop to it and hold the perpetrators accountable by any means necessary. Russian officials seem to believe this will end in Nuremberg-like trials, and given the allegations, these comments make more sense.

“We are planning to organise an international tribunal on the republic’s territory,” said Denis Pushilin, the leader of a Russian-controlled territory in the Donetsk region. These trials would serve as a “lesson for everyone who forgot the lessons of Nuremberg”.


See article below:


So that’s where we are at, we are waiting on the conclusion of the Special Military Operation in Ukraine, the final report from the State Duma investigation, which will be presented to the UN Security Council. All of which will be coming to its climax near the US midterms. And then Russia wants to hold international military tribunals in Ukraine.

For those that STILL think “nothing is going to happen”… don’t tell me that, call Vladimir Putin and tell HIM that. You think that Russia went this far and are just going to give up because the US refuse to admit to the allegations? Absolutely not.

Putin wants Hillary, Obama, Biden and Soros in front of a military tribunal and ultimately swinging from a gibbet, for releasing biological weapons on his People. You wanna tell Putin that’s not happening because CNN won’t report on it? You think he’s going to just roll over cuz Washington Post said it’s a conspiracy theory? Putin and Russia could not care less.

Allegations of this magnitude don’t just “go away”. The world has reached an impasse, and it will be resolved one way or another.

Folks, it’s happening. Sooner than later.






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